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Trusted Pros: Signs You Should Definitely Use A Car Broker


Car shipping to Australia is complex. We’ve all seen Border Security, and we know just how difficult it is to bring anything deemed quarantine-worthy into the country. Now imagine that with a 1,900kg classic Jag, and you can start to imagine just how difficult it can be to bring that big bad boy into the country.

Customs love doing what they do: inspecting vehicles to ensure they are worthy for Australian roads. This is, naturally, a good thing, as you don’t want anything dodgy going on the road. However, it can make them especially hard to deal with, especially if you’re not an experienced importer without too much knowledge of how to go about communicating with them.

But this isn’t the only sign you should enlist a trusted broker, as there are many elements to this process that can be incredibly daunting, especially with such an expensive purchase at stake!

Here, we are going to list a few signs that you have noticed to ensure you should definitely enlist a professional broker:

1. You’re worried you won’t get a good deal

When it comes to the best car shipping Australia has, you know that these experts have access to a network of vendors throughout the world. And, not only do they have access to this network, they have access to a trusted network of vendors, the kind that only work with high quality makes that are perfect for international purchase.

Now, if you’re thinking of going it alone, the thought of coming across a dodgy dealer somewhere in the world has probably crossed your mind. Unfortunately, you likely won’t have the ability to inspect or test the vehicle yourself before importing it, so the last thing you should be doing is taking a stranger’s word for it that their classic Bentley is in full working order.

If you’ve ever found yourself worried that you are going to get ripped off by some cross-continental conman, then you should probably consider calling the most trusted broker in the business.

2. The paperwork freaks you out

When it comes to Australian customs, there isn’t too much margin for error. Unfortunately, they like knocking back those who don’t follow the paperwork to a tee, and this can make it difficult for people who haven’t done this before to get it right. What’s more, it makes it rather stressful, especially when you have a nervous wait to find out if, yes, you got it all right and you can proceed to import the vehicle.

But with a professional broker, you can relax with the peace of mind that they have completed this paperwork on thousands of occasions, ensuring that you can kick back and relax whilst you know that all your documents are in order.

3. You want access to that sweet network of top class cars

If you simply know that you don’t have the network access that reputable brokers have, then you should probably immediately enlist one. After all, they have the network to a worldwide range of top quality vehicles, and can help you find your dream vehicle with ease and simplicity. So, if you’ve been thinking, “hmmm, I’m just not finding the kind of vehicle I want to add to my collection” then you’re probably heading on the awesome path of enlisting a broker who can do it for you.

So, if you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, it’s time to save yourself some stress and enlist the best in the business!


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