Top 5 most useful and demanding Android apps


Every year a sea of the apps is developed by the outperforming developers who sit hours and hours before the computer system thinking of our comfort and welfare.

Definitely, the work is not easy and requires plenty of hard work and patience to develop an app which will flow us into a new world of imagination and information. Still, the main obstacle arises in our path when we have to choose between the bunch of best ones, and even if you have not been put into the situation, you can understand the level of difficulty.

Here is the list of well-updated and researched articles that will drive you off your seat insisting you give a big hand of applause for them.

5 Top Android apps – check out here

GROUPON: – With this Prodigy app contains a collection of the most popular coupons that will make your way easy in the shopping, booking caps and above all enjoying the delicious food in your favourite restaurants is like the life you wanna live for. You can track each of the coupons which you have used and can draw the full insanity from it. The words are limited enough to highlight its importance, and it is far better to download, and itself go through its eye catchy and the Prodigy features.

Download here GROUPON

SPOTIFY: – Instead of having Wynk Music and Saavn, Spotify is still the best music streaming app that has the capability to dust the other musical apps. The app embedded with one of the best-redefined mood playlists allows us to listen to our favorite music according to the situation happening outside.

Download here SPOTIFY

3. AWESUMMLY: – With the first ray of the morning sun falling on our sleepy face insisting us leave the bed and enjoy the lovely scenes of nature waiting for us.

However it is all about a matter of fact and in reality, we only wait for the precious newspapers which are far ahead even if we race it against our chores.

But what will you do if you are frustrated with the overrated and the exaggerated writings in the newspaper? You must go with this awesome app and trust me you will not be bored when scrolling down through it. So, download this awesome app and feel the difference.

Download here Short News App

Or Directly read Short News from their official website.

SPLITWISE: – The app really becomes important for you when you are on your way to start your independent life, hanging out with your friends is just a step into a new and exciting world. But when the time of dividing of money comes the task becomes even more difficult, and I want to spit all my wrath on the people who think that the calculation is an easy task. Here is this wonderful app for you that will ease your way in the distribution of the money.

Download here SPLITWISE

You can also check Amazing Car Racing Games for Android and enjoy.

COURSEERA: – With the collection of a bunch of exciting and knowledgeable courses giving us a tour of the informative world from renowned universities is the best one for you. The unlimited courses offering you the best features with the renowned faculties members is a dream coming true fact for us. So, download this awesome app and feel the difference.

Download here – Courseera

So this is a list of top Android apps and many of you must have downloaded a few of them…if not then give at least one try.


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