Top 5 Ways How to Care and Maintain Your 4c Natural Hair at Home


Natural 4c hair looks like something out of a magazine. However, you need to learn more about how to care for 4c natural hair if you want that look. You can take help from the website for how to take care of hair. This website explains the symptoms, causes, and treatments for hair.

The trick to caring about natural hair is to learn as much as you can about 4c hair. Each hair type comes with its properties and maintenance routine.

Luckily, you can learn them in no time and focus on getting that beautiful look.

4C Natural Hair

You can recognize 4c natural hair a mile away. It gets its distinct look from tight coils and curls. Together, they form shapes and patterns that resemble a classic afro. The difference is that each 4c hairstyle has more volume, making the hair look puffy.

But, that look is far from easy to achieve. Instead, it takes knowing when and how to apply products to keep the same hair quality. Keeping that hair quality requires the hair to have the same level of moisture. And for you to have a proper hair routine.

The negative traits of 4c hair are:

  • Lack of moisture
  • Frequent breakage
  • Shrinkage
  • Tangling

That means that this hair type requires more moisture and gentler styling. While it sounds like a complex request, it all comes down to practice. Get your basics down. Then, repetition and experimentation become your best friends.

Less Shampoo

First, you want to use less shampoo in your hair routine. Of course, you still want to use shampoo. The thing here is that you want to use it less often than you would for other hair types.

Here, you want to watch out for two things. You want to buy a shampoo for a 4c hair type. And, you want to use it once or twice per week, every two weeks. Shampoos for 4c hair are available online and at local stores with hair products.

Most girls have problems with implementing that shampoo practice in their hair routine. However, you want your hair to retain moisture. With regular shampoo treatment, your hair loses moisture and shape. And the hair shape is something you need to have that excellent 4c look.

Detangle With Care

Another major tip for 4c hair is to avoid brushes. While brush seems like a regular solution, it damages your hair and disrupts its shape.

Instead of a brush, use your fingers. Fingers are an excellent tool here since you can style and detangle with the slightest contact with water. For example, you may apply oil or water as the pre-shower routine. Then, detangle the hair, wash it, and shape it after the shower.

If you were to use a brush, you would lose that effect. And you would damage larger portions of hair at once. All the more so when you understand how oil is essential to 4c hair maintenance.


Since you have to avoid shampoo, you want more oil in your hair routine. Oil is a natural nutrient, and it can help you to keep your hair moist.

Unlike shampoos, oils have no damaging substances. You can use them in any quantity and even in day-to-day use. While they are nutritious to the hair, oils also help you to detangle your hair.

Finally, the best thing about oils is that you can use them in any part of the routine. Also, they fit both LCO and LOC methods.


LCO and LOC methods use the same set of products. The only difference is in the order of the products you use for that method.

When it comes to the LCO method, you use liquids, then creams, and finally oils. As you know, you need to reduce the use of shampoos or liquids as much as possible. The benefit of this method is that you can build on nutrient intake for your hair.

It is better to use this method when your hair is in bad shape. Or when you want to reduce hair porosity.


The LOC method is better when you want to improve the already existing quality of your hair. The order of products here is liquid, oils, and creams. With this method, you soften the hair with liquids and then double up on the nutrients.

After you soften the hair with liquids, oils add more moisture. Finally, top of the hair routine with cream for even more hair moisture. Rinse it out and style with fingers.

Now, you have an excellent look with a lot of hair volume.

Hair Porosity

The reason why you need these methods is to ensure you have low hair porosity. The biggest difference in the way hair looks comes from hair porosity. You can recognize 4c hair with hair porosity by a shrunken look.

To lower hair porosity, you need a regular hair routine. The reason why LCO and LOC methods work so well with 4c hair is due To natural ingredients.

For example, oils like coconut oil and jojoba oil help to increase hair volume and reduce porosity.

The whole hair care process is necessary as the base for your excellent look.


The trick to any fabulous look is to learn how to harness the natural disposition of hair. Once you know how to do it, all that is left is to style the hair and get the look you want.

To style 4c natural hair, avoid styling methods that use heat. Also, avoid extensive use of brushes and hair extensions. Instead, focus on fingers and other natural methods to style the hair.

Experiment as much as you can. Go online and find inspiration from magazines and images. Come back home, wash your hair and start styling.

Care for 4C Natural Hair

To summarize the whole thing, you can say that you need a holistic approach to style 4c hair. Learn about hair products, you can also get advice on how to take care of your hair from the website You can find better options for hair care products here.

After that, imagination is your limit. So, go wild and explore your natural beauty. Learn more about the hair problems and their treatments by using various types of liquids and oils, on this website:


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