The Reasons Why Surfing In Australia Is a National Pastime


We are very blessed here in Australia in that we can enjoy great weather all year round and so this allows us to enjoy many sports and pastimes. We are an active lot here in Australia and we love to spend a lot of our time by the ocean and on the beach. There is just something about a trip for the whole day right beside the sea and it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to encourage family members and friends to go there. There are many different activities that you can enjoy like scuba diving, snorkelling, sand kiting and of course, surfing and the last one tends to be the most popular. It is difficult to get started but once you get up there on that board, many Australians describe it as feeling like no other.

This fantastic pastime and sport continues to be popular all across the country and it is enjoying growth every single year. If you have been thinking about taking it up but you are never really sure how to start then the first thing you need to do is to get yourself some women’s ripcurl wetsuits to make sure that you’re wearing the right kind of gear to keep you safe and to keep you warm. After this, all you need is to get yourself a surfboard that is suitable for you and then you can begin to enjoy the many benefits. The following are just some of the reasons why surfing in Australia is become a national pastime.

  1. It is incredibly addictive – Many people think that the game of golf is addictive but these people have never surfed before. Once you start surfing, there is no feeling like it and you will always be looking for the perfect wave that carries you across the ocean and allows you to surf from out there in the waves, right to the shore to achieve your stress-free lifestyle.
  2. It allows you to travel –Surfing is popular throughout Australia and indeed the world and so there are many opportunities to be able to travel to many competitions and to many beaches that have some excellent waves. This gives you the perfect excuse to follow your dreams and to visit many destinations.
  3. A much needed adrenaline rush – Many of us have standard jobs and will be going to the office five days a week from 9 to 5. We do like jobs but they don’t provide us with any great excitement or opportunity for fun. Surfing on the other hand provides you with an immediate adrenaline rush even if you only take your board off the roof of your car.
  4. It provides excellent exercise – We all need to be in better shape and so it is difficult finding an activity to do that will burn lots of calories but is incredible fun as well. This is when surfing comes into the equation because it doesn’t get any more fun than this and you use all of the muscles in your body to get up there on the board and to surf.

These are only four reasons why surfing continues to be a national pastime in Australia and there are many more.


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