The Difference Between Save And Save As


How can we better use it when computers are increasingly connected to us today? Let’s talk about its basic steps? Let’s talk about the relationship and difference between Save and Save as we often use it! !

First, let’s talk about the differences and connections between the two. All are saved files, the difference is that saving means to use the original name after modifying the file. Save as means that the file can have another name, which is different from the original name. If you understand this, it is quite convenient to operate! !

if you want to modify them, you can open them to do the corresponding personality and then save. Let us choose one of them for a simple modification! 

If you don’t want to save your original name, you can choose another name you like! To click Save As in the File menu, the original file still exists. The newly modified file has the name!

Click Save As in the File menu to start your favorite name, and here’s a change! Set it yourself according to actual needs.

If you click Save, the original file is gone, and the modified file is overwritten!

Again in simple words..

Simple difference between save and save as

Save: means to save the newly created file directly in the folder, generally do not change the save location. Or the original file is overwritten and saved after being modified.

Save As: Selective way to save the file, you can change the save type of the file, such as TXT.
It is also possible to save the original file with other file names after the modification without overwriting the original file.

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