Six issues to be aware of before a newcomer uses Google SEO


How do I turn Google SEO into store traffic? How to set the internal and external chain?

Traffic, as one of the important sources of store orders, carries the efforts of the sellers. As we all know, Amazon CPC advertising and Google has become the main way for many sellers to get traffic. In the two major traffic channels of Google AdWords and Google SEO, the free Google SEO has become the preferred choice for most sellers.

However, how to convert it into the flow of the store, how to set the internal and external chain, etc. has become a problem that plagues the seller. To this end, Zeng Dewei, a special tutor of the Google Foreign Trade School with 9 years of experience in Google website sharing, shared his experience. We know that Google mainly has two channels of traffic, one is the Google AdWords Google auction system, and the other is Google SEO Google free natural ranking traffic. What is the difference between the two, and where are the advantages?

Zeng Dewei: Google AdWords Google Auctions has recently changed its name to Google Ads. Google Ads traffic is paid traffic, advertisers use the Google Ads advertising system to set keywords to do bidding ads, or advertise through the network, remarketing features.

The advantage of Google Ads is that advertisers can quickly get a lot of traffic through the advertising system. It can accurately target the target market, freely open and close the ad delivery, control the delivery cost, and the ad delivery time can be accurate to every hour. Accurate to a city or business district. However, the keyword auction advertising cost of Google Ads is relatively high, the advertising cost of the network is relatively low, and the remarketing function can improve the advertising conversion rate.

The biggest advantage of Google SEO is that it is free, and the traffic customers who come in through the Google SEO keyword natural rankings have high conversion rate and are relatively stable. Since the Google SEO algorithm update in September 2016, the Google SEO free traffic database is basically globally updated within a week. This update is very important, it breaks the shortcomings that used to be Google SEO for 3 months, or even half a year, one year! In addition, you can also get a large number of customers for a long time, and the brand effect is good! What are the factors that affect Google SEO’s access to traffic?

Zeng Dewei: Google SEO looking for traffic, first of all to do a website that complies with Google SEO rules. There are a lot of website companies and station-building programs in China, and there are not a lot of Google SEO implementation cases. Basically, there is no practical effect on paper, so the website that is made does not receive Google SEO traffic. And often these factors are the most overlooked in Google SEO operations.

Then, the factors that affect Google SEO’s access to traffic include: First, the factors of the website. Whether the website is self-developed, whether there is a deep transformation of the website for Google SEO, continuous improvement through foreign third-party testing tools to achieve good ranking traffic; Second, original high-quality article updates based on keyword layout. Do a good job in Google SEO site keyword planning and deployment, update of high-quality original articles related to keywords; Third, build high-interest internal and external links with original articles.

So in general, in order to get a lot of traffic through Google SEO, you must first do a good job, and then do an original high-quality article update based on keyword layout. Again, you can do high-interest keywords internal and external anchor text links. Construction, these three steps to do well, it is not difficult to get traffic quickly through Google SEO. What are the practices of Google SEO inside and outside the chain?

Zeng Dewei: The practice of Google SEO internal chain construction can be recommended through the association of the website building program. It is relatively simple and controllable to complete the construction of the inner chain by keyword correlation matching. The construction of the Google SEO chain is more extensive. Sellers can build external links through foreign industry forums, blogs, bookmarks, social networking sites, wiki sites, Q&A sites, photo sites, and video sites. What do you need to pay attention to when setting up the external chain?

Zeng Dewei: When a newcomer is doing a Google SEO chain, don’t just send it. Google’s algorithm for the last two years is very demanding on external chain construction, and it will focus on combating irrelevant spam links. Therefore, massive hairline is basically useless!

To publish the external chain, you need to find the right channel. The best-published page has high weight and content relevance, and the weight is passed by the DoFollow weight. This kind of link effect is good. A high-weight, high-related outer chain is sometimes several times better than a few hundred or thousands of garbage chains! Therefore, when you release the external chain, you do not ask for more, and you must pursue quality.

Hugo: After getting traffic through Google SEO, how do you convert it into store sales?

Zeng Dewei: Google SEO’s traffic is based on keyword demand, which has a high conversion rate. When Google SEO traffic reaches the website, we need to optimize the Google SEO landing page, which requires the website to clearly express the product selling point, inquiry or order conversion process.

Hugo: In the future, what is the trend of the Google SEO search engine?

Zeng Dewei: The future of Google SEO will be more biased towards White Hat Google SEO, and will get more traffic quickly. Because Google’s algorithms are becoming more and more intelligent, it is difficult for any kind of Google SEO to cheat to get a lot of traffic for a long time.


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