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Safe Option: Why You Should Enlist A No Win No Fee Lawyer


 No win no fee lawyers have always been the best choice for claimants who are experiencing financial difficulties. This choice guarantees an agreement between you and the legal representative that states you have comprehensive representation access with the assurance that most of their fees will be taken care of regardless of the outcome. You will only be charged the full amount for their service if you get the best result – a full claim to the compensation you rightfully owed!

So, why should you enlist this service?  The reasons are paramount:

1. They provide immediately legal representation

Time is of the essence when it comes to enlisting the best no win no fee compensation lawyer Canberra has, and finding other solicitors can be difficult and slow the process (especially if you are experiencing financial hardship). This service can begin much faster than finding a paid solicitor which, consequently, greatly increases your chances of a successful outcome!

2. You don’t have to pay the full amount if the result is unsuccessful

Obviously, this service means that you won’t have to pay the full amount if you are not successful. Yes, there are still some fees that are charged as part of their services, but they are a lot smaller than other solicitors. You should always outline the agreement’s terms before going to work on the case as this will detail any fees that will be payable regardless of the claim’s result.

3. Success is good for you both!

 Sure, there are many reputable solicitors who will charge upfront, but this type of solicitor will most certainly put in the work to ensure your success. Why? Because, if you are successful, they receive full payment for their service. After all, what kind of solicitor would get into this business if they didn’t expect to win and thus be paid? It would be a waste of their time and legal efforts, and something we’re yet to hear of in the profession.

4. They will be open about your chances

 A solicitor you pay upfront may not be open about your chances of success. Why? Because they are getting paid anyway, obviously, and they may take on your case regardless of its complexity or low chances because they simply want to get that money out of you and it doesn’t matter if you have had a nasty experience or not.

Conversely, this kind of solicitor will be open about your chances because, after all, they themselves don’t necessarily want to take on a case that is doomed for failure – no one gets paid in this scenario! So, you can be sure this kind of solicitor will be open about your chances of success.

5. Compensation also covers legal costs

 So, if you are successful, you will never be out of pocket, as compensation will also cover your legal costs. Conversely, upfront payment solicitors must be paid regardless of the result, so you might find yourself in a situation where you enlist a solicitor who doesn’t get you the best result and you don’t even have any remuneration with what to pay them – this is the absolute nightmare for claimants in this situation and it’s more common than you think. Be sure to visit Aandi Lawyers to find out more about legal advice.

So, you can be sure that with this kind of solicitor your chances of receiving a better financial outcome are increased – it’s what makes the solution such a winner for thousands of Australian claimants!


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