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Mobile WiFi is often disconnected and reconnected. What happened?


This is very common problem and happen with many people so we get some solution that you can apply . Firstly let’s discuss about why mobile wifi disconnect.

  1. It may be that the phone is faulty.
  2. It may be that the WiFi network is unstable.

Before moving to solution let’s try this thing first

  1. Check if other wireless devices connect to the wireless network signal is better or full.
    2. Check if there are more devices connected to the wireless network.
    3. Check if someone has hacked your WiFi by using PLDT Hacker Apk.


If you have problems with automatic disconnection after successful connection to the WLAN, you can try the following:

1.Restart the phone and search for WiFi signals again.

  1. Test the WiFi function of the mobile phone and repair it in case of failure.
  2. Restart the WiFi router. If you want reset then check here how to reset wifi.
  3. When the WiFi of the mobile phone is dropped, first ensure that the distance between the mobile phone and the WiFi signal source is not too far, especially the WiFi signal passing through the wall is poor, try to access the Internet near the WiFi signal.
  4. You can go to “Phone Settings -> Wireless & Network -> WLAN Settings”, click the “Menu” button below the phone, select “Advanced” from the pop-up menu, and then select “Draw from the drop-down menu of “WLAN Sleep Policy”” Never “.
  5. Replace the network standard. Today’s home wireless routers generally support 802.11b and 802.11g standards. The computer’s network card is generally supported. However, many mobile phones only support one of them. Please try to restart the router after replacing the network standard. It is also recommended not to choose a hybrid mode.
  6. Surrounding interference causes the WiFi connection to be interrupted. This can be solved by trying to replace other channels. This can be tried by selecting another channel in the router’s “Channels” list.
  7. There are security protection software or traffic monitoring software in the mobile phone, and there may also be a situation in which the connection WiFi interruption occurs. This can be resolved by removing the flow restriction or closing the corresponding program.
  8. Back up the data in the machine (such as: contacts, SMS, multimedia, etc.), and then restore the factory settings.

In addition, it may be caused by improper router configuration. If you can find the specific location of the problem, you can solve it by resetting the router. Really not, re-brush the phone firmware.

If the problem persists after the above operation, please bring the purchase invoice, repair card and machine to Samsung Service Center for inspection.


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