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Do you know millions of posts are written every day, but only a few thousand infographics are made because making an infographic comes at an additional cost?

You can stand out from the crowd as it’s the most amazing way of getting backlinks if you know how to get the job done. Don’t worry its easy.

What is an Infographic?

Infographics are visual representation of data or information to make information easy to understand

I mean to say, it could be

  • Image
  • Video
  • Gif
  • Slide
  • Animation
  • Charts

or any visual thing that is representing data and information in a glance.

Example of Infographics:

Importance of Business plan - infographic

Now the next question is how can you make free infographics? Mmm, Not a big deal just follow the article!

How to make free Infographic?

Are you worried about creating because you’re not a designer? Don’t worry; there are many websites which allow you to make free of cost.

For example?

  1. Canva Infographic
  3. Pictochart

With these sites, you can make infographics without becoming an expert in graphic designing. Just watch this video of 13 mins by Kimberly Ann Jimenez, then you’re ready to get the job done. Oh yes, if you like the video follow her on her website here

You know already that every person loves infographics because it has graphics, it has color, it has something that attracts the attention of the audience.

For Example, You can make an infographic “10 Tips Before Buying a Gaming PC | infographic”. You can make any of the interesting titles as I shared you can make use of Buzzsumo to see the best title.

Now the question comes how you will promote it? well! it is easy too!

How to promote an Infographic.

Here are a few methods to promote:

  • Slideshare
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Infographic communities
  • Bloggers and influencers
  • Allow Embedding


You can promote your infographics on Slideshare. There are 80 million users on Slideshare.Most of them are professional, not spammy. So here is a great chance that your Infographic pays off

  • Sign up on Slideshare (it’s free).
  • upload your Infographic.
  • add a link to your article in the description.

Social Media.

Social Media is an easy way for your Infographic to be noticed.You can run a paid promotion or just share your Infographic in relevant groups and communities. Consider Pinterest as one of the main platforms to promote your Infographic.

You can make use of Reddit (as it’s the organic source) with good post karma. The more post karma you have, the better your reach will be. Learn Reddit if you want to make it to the next level.

You should learn Pinterest and Reddit because these are the ideal sources for bringing traffic and getting backlinks.

Confused? You can post your infographics on the subreddit of Reddit and you can find most followed groups on Pinterest for a specific niche at pingroupie

Infographic Communities.

Then comes Visually Community section where you promote your infographics to the public. Confused how does it look? See here a screenshot


There are many infographics sites and other resources where you can publish your content, but I would suggest only get from high-quality sites.

Allow Embedding.

Make an embed code of your Infographic this will help a lot!

Now, when you make a great infographic, add this sentence at the bottom:

*anyone can use this infographic on their website as long as you link back to

What an amazing sentence right? Nobody will need to ask you can I use it?

The point is that you can publish short, but amazing infographics here or any group of this world, by adding the sentence written above, nobody will ban you.

In this way, your site will get free of cost brand awareness. Even get backlinks if the information written in the infographic is surprisingly great. Don’t do that so much aggressively, do minimum once a week.

Now it’s your game how you make the infographic that gets likes and shared.

Bloggers & Influencers(Link building strategy)

Let’s come to the last part. Ok! You’re ready! Your infographic is ready! And you want to take it to the next level.

First of all, for this, you need a list of the potential people or the blogs where you are hopeful that your infographics will be published.

OK… Now the Question is, who the man will publish my infographics? Relax!

For this, you need to look for the blogs whose DA PA margins are 10 to 15. For example, if you have a blog with DA 30 and PA 40 or CF 20, CF 25, then you can look for the blog that has DA from 35 to 40, and PA from 45 to 50, you can email ém with the following sample:

Hi Neil Patel,

I was looking for some facts about SEO today and found your great article (the URL of the owner’s blog where you want to publish your infographic)

I really like the way you’ve written the article.

Actually, I made an infographic on this topic I hope you would like.

I can also write some mini guest post for you for free.

Let me know if you want to watch… check it out.

Best Regards,

Then he will respond you, you will give the infographic link. You will write a mini guest post on his blog free of cost. (Because you can’t get anything for free) 😛

In this way, an ocean of backlinks will open for you if you make amazing infographics. Even you send to 100 and responded by 20%, that is great.

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