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How Seed Pencils Help To Contribute For Mother Earth?


There is no way to stop the tsunami-growing environmental issues brought on by human activity. It’s just an issue of time until the consequences of the misdeeds return to you since one has endangered both human and environmental systems. It’s time to stop what is the beginning of the apocalypse as the world is suffocating and burning. Plastics are made of a polymeric substance that cannot biodegrade. This practical substance has clogged incinerators, dumps, and waterways. Only 9 percent of the plastic that is produced every year gets recycled. Use seed pencils.

The planet is pleading for assistance, and now is the moment to adopt a sustainable way of living. Changes need to be made locally by us, the people. Some easy measures include reducing the amount of stationary garbage and the usage of single-use plastics. This may be accomplished by switching to eco-friendly plantable pencils from traditional plastic ones that wind up in dumpsters & contributing to the massive plastic waste problem.

Eco-friendly paper pencils: what are they?

These innovative pencils will reinvent a sustainable way of living for you. Environmentally friendly paper pencils are 95 percent plastic-free. These pencils have recycled paper in their handcrafted exterior shell. These pencils preserve the enjoyment of writing because of their robust shell and superb grip. The refill is comprised of recyclable handmade papers that contain seeds that, when planted in damp soil, will grow into a lovely plant for you.

How does seed paper grow a plant? What is it?

The refill for environmentally friendly seed pencils is made of seed paper. The seeds paper is created by combining recycled paper with a range of natural seeds. The seeds are chosen by a committed group of ecologists & agricultural specialists based on the local climate.

Take the refill & soak that in water once you’ve finished using the pencils. The next morning, gently tear the paper into tiny pieces and then plant them in the ground. Watch them develop into a plant’s sprout by giving them sufficient light exposure and frequent watering.

What makes eco-friendly paper pencils better?

From offices and schools to homes, people use pencils often. Daily disposal results in the accumulation of thousands more pencils in landfills and waterways. The pain that the plastic pencils have created has no end. Seed pencils are designed to lessen the problem of stationary waste. These do make wonderful presents to encourage living sustainably. Never going out of style is showing compassion for the world and being aware of how decisions impact the future of our planet.

Eco-friendly plantable pencils, which are 95 percent plastic-free, are a practical first step in lowering the rising plastic contribution. A bonus feature of the refill is indeed the plantable seed paper. Become a plant parent right now by raising your green offspring.

Which plants will these green paper pencils donate?

Paper scraps and discarded paper are carefully made into eco-friendly paper pencils. Later, a variety of seeds that will germinate into new plants are combined with this handcrafted paper.


Nothing that has been done can be undone. The biodiversity of the world has been suffocated by plastic garbage. The people must own responsibility for the disaster humans have made & taken corrective action. Who else, if not us? When will it be if not now?

Use environmentally friendly plantable pencils from Amala Earth for your go-to option and a tiny way to help lessen the garbage load that is threatening the survival of future generations. Get them right now and contribute to saving the environment. After all, even the smallest intentional actions may result in big changes.


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