How do I automatically find Amazon buyers through Facebook and continue marketing?


In the past few days of the New Year, a very good friend of mine returned to Vancouver from the United States for the weekend. He is an IT and e-commerce savvy with a wealth of work experience in several of the world’s largest Internet companies in San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. Now a well-known New York-based fashion brand company to do an independent station operators (as it involves privacy, confidentiality here) .

In the communication with him, a word appears repeatedly, that is, “Retargeting” (remarketing). Although the word is not new, in the communication with him, I feel that many of the problems and confusions I encountered when doing the promotion outside the station seem to have a sense of solution. Therefore, what we want to share with you today is the new style of promotion outside the station in 2019 – Retarget (remarketing)! We need to point out here that what we are talking about now is not just outside the Amazon platform, but these methods can be applied to off-site promotion of almost all B2C and B2B platforms!

Why is Retargeting important in off-site promotion?

Retargeting’s Chinese is “remarketing”. Its function is that when a customer browses your product page or adds the product to the shopping cart but does not buy it immediately, the relevant advertisement will be recorded by browsing, that is, the cookie is locked to the customer. And continue to expose related products in other pages he browses to increase the chances of customers placing orders.

01- Currently, Retargeting’s two largest advertising platforms are: Facebook and Google . However, large platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Wish seem to have been avoiding Retargeting. The reason behind this is that it is not worried that buyers and a seller are in contact too often and cause private transactions. We don’t know.-

However, in the communication of my friend of the operation director, he proposed two important criteria for the conversion rate of the independent station operation. I think it is very useful. The two standards are:

Products need to be unique and individual, and customers can’t choose from other places(more on now require product development)

Retargeting is the focus of the order, because in North America, buyers who place orders through independent stations are growing at a rate of nearly 40% per year. They see that the odds of placing orders at the first page are only 0.1% on average. Retargeting remarketing advertising function, the customer’s chances of placing orders can be increased to 30%

Retargeting’s important role for platform sellers

The biggest problem with platform sales is that it can’t accumulate its own customer base. Because of this, he believes that Retargeting and off-site promotion can help sellers achieve four goals.

02- Through conversations with this accountant friend, I learned that the fashion brand company he works for now, like many other US companies, does not choose to sell his products on platforms such as Amazon or eBay because they feel these platforms Selling are bargains, and the sales of their own stand-alone stations are far greater than Amazon, and they can continue to expand the size of fans and enhance the word-of-mouth effect .

But he added that he is also a platform seller. He found that the biggest problem with platform sales is that he can’t accumulate his customer base. Because of this, he believes that Retargeting and off-site promotion can help sellers achieve the following four purposes:

Send product discount codes and new product promotions

Attract customers to their own Shopify or online store to place an order

Get buyer email and contact information

Remind buyers to leave a review (Review)

Solve technical problems with Retargeting for Amazon buyers

Remarketing for Amazon sellers is difficult because you have no way to insert Facebook or Google code into Amazon’s product pages.

03- It is important to understand that Retargeting’s members and sellers are responsible for Retargeting (remarketing) by inserting Facebook or Google’s tracking code into the relevant page. Shopify is open and easy to do, but it’s very difficult for Amazon because you have no way to insert code into Amazon’s product page.-

I’ve been confused about this for a long time, but my friend has easily crossed this barrier with Facebook’s own customer matching feature. Its method of operation is:

The first step: everyone exports the customer’s information from the Amazon background, the most important of which is: first name, first name, city, state/province, country, if you can provide telephone or email as much as possible;

Step 2: Upload relevant information to a custom customer on the Facebook Business Platform (Facebook Business);

Step 3: Enter the Facebook Business Page and upload the above customer information. Through Facebook’s matching customer function, you can not only let Facebook automatically find related buyers, but also find all similar customers in the target market through Facebook customer portrait function. .

Advantages of Facebook advertising through Retargeting

The conversion rate of this American company for off-site promotion is very high, and one of the main reasons is because they are very focused on Retargeting.

04- In the past, Hui Network rarely trained everyone on Facebook ads. One of the important reasons is that we found that the input-output ratio of Facebook ads is not ideal during our Facebook advertising.-

In response, my friend told me that the conversion rate of the off-site promotion of the American company he worked for was very high, and one of the main reasons was because they paid great attention to Retargeting. In his view, Facebook and Google’s user base is too fragmented, so if you think that the bigger the exposure, the bigger the conversion rate, like Amazon or other platform-based ads, won’t work on these two platforms. Because large-scale exposure will only lead to a large number of invalid clicks before finding customers, resulting in huge waste of investment.

But by finding the precise customer base through the above methods, and matching more similar customers through their portraits, you will get unexpected gains under the premise of a very low budget! Learn more about the impact of marketing and promotion on the revenue of a business organization, on this website:

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