How Can a Simple Holiday Retreat Enrich Your Human Experience?

Maintaining your physiological, psychological, and spiritual health is more important than ever, given everything that’s happened in the world over the recent years. Everyone needs a break from the daily routine of job and family life, whether to escape the pressures of the post-COVID years or to take a much-needed respite.

It’s time to rewind and revive your senses, evaluate your life, and think about what’s essential to you. For the majority, it comes naturally to escape to nature retreats like Azhen Sanctuary, co-founded by Jaymie Friesen, usually as a therapeutic remedy for daily stress. Whether it’s nourishing your spirit with peace, safeguarding your mental health by removing yourself from the daily grind, or simply extending your legs and reviving your body.

As this piece will highlight, folks’ best investment in their general health and welfare is to spend some time in an indigenous-owned sanctuary and retreat centre.

You’ll also observe the inestimable advantages it provides in reconnecting you with friends, family, and, most significantly, yourself.

It’s Beneficial for One’s Soul:

Nature and natural sanctuaries have long been linked to balancing and effective spiritual healing. It has a seemingly mysterious way of relieving you of the weight of the world and enabling your psyche the freedom to breathe in time with the rhythm of the environment around you, which almost immediately results in calm. The idea that spending time in nature retreats has always been beneficial is widespread.

It Benefits the Mind:

Mental and emotional well-being is more crucial than ever. It’s essential for people’s general well-being and the health of their relationships. According to research, exposure to nature can help people avoid sadness and improve their mood and mental health. Yet a clean environment is essential for everyone, and various environmental platforms are doing a good job at this. A Stanford research even backed up the idea that getting away from metropolitan environments in the country is necessary to boost general mental wellness.

It’s Beneficial for the Body:

With the bonus of discovering new landscapes and breathtaking views, taking a break in an Indigenous-owned sanctuary and retreat space gives you a chance to get in your daily steps. There are no stopwatches in nature sanctuaries like Azhen Sanctuary, co-founded by Jaymie Friesen, so you may take your time and receive the same benefits for your body as you would by doing out at a gym without the stress and strain of working out.

It Benefits Human Relationships:

Solid and long-lasting relationships require quality time spent together, whether between a couple, friends, or family. A visit to an Indigenous-run sanctuary offers the possibility of discovering a cosy retreat to call home and the ability to travel to new locations and share unique experiences.

Go on a bus tour without worrying about who will be driving. Explore the neighbourhood on foot or stay inside and play a board game by the fire. Do whatever you do with a group. A vacation at a natural retreat is a beautiful method to build relationships with loved ones.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, a retreat to an Indigenous-owned sanctuary is the best connector whether you’re trying to reset and open the intellect, instil calmness in your spirit, strengthen and heal your body, or open and warm up your heart. It connects with all these aspects of human beings.


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