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Here Is Why You Should Use Custom Labels On Your Products


Regardless of what your product is, it is important for your customers to understand what your product is, what’s in it, and how it might benefit them. There are a lot of products that are a lot alike. Just think of the cereal aisle. When faced with a sea of boxes, how do you find the one you like? How do you decide between a tried-and-true variety and something new? You’re drawn in by the label.

Having a label on your product makes it easy to identify. It allows the shopper to compare it with similar products and get a feel for what your brand represents. At a minimum, a label must contain important information about the product, such as ingredients and instructions to assure proper preparation and safety. It is much more than a name. It doesn’t just explain what your product is, it explains who you are. A label can catch an eye in a split second, or it can be missed entirely. Getting all the components right can make a big difference.

Ways to Get a Meaningful Label on Your Product

A good label is more than just a sticker with your name on it. With competition as strong as it is, it has to be. Many things need to be considered, including the fonts used, the colors, the resolution, and the adhesive. One way to truly make your label stick is by using pressure-sensitive labels.

Pressure-sensitive labels are a great choice because the adhesive is on the face stock when they are printed, and they can be catered to the nature of your product. If the bottle or jar is something refrigerated or that is likely to produce moisture on the outside of the container, your adhesive can support this, so you can have a secure seal even in a changing environment. Labels can also be made to be resealable or to permanently fix to a product.

Reflecting the Times

The world is constantly changing, and the saying “knowledge is power” has never been truer. People care more than ever about a company’s mission, and their willingness to develop products that affect the unique needs of our time. Color coding can help distinguish old versions of your product from newer versions and still provide consistency of brand.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic Printing provides a raised image to your label that is great for cylinders. It uses water-based ink and flexible rubber or soft plastic plates in order to print on these surfaces. With this method, even very small prints can be read, and images can be printed with a lot of detail. which can help your brand stand out even more. It is best to use this type of printing on white stock, as other colors may distort the colouring.

Owning and Protecting Your Brand

Perhaps even more than your actual business cards, the labels on your products are your calling card to your customers and your industry, and as much as they need to be advertised, it also need to be protected. Labels with bright colours can draw customers into marketing plans, they can cross-reference marketing, offer recipes, share coupons, run sweepstakes, and even present a customer with games. Barcodes and QR codes offer even more traceability, which can be helpful in tracking down specific batches in the event of a recall. Printing in batches also helps make sure each label has the appropriate expiration date. Many product labels are made with watermarks that can help identify if a product has been tampered with, adding one more layer of security.

Making Your Label Your Own

Getting just the right label on your product can be challenging. You want to get the most out of your label without overwhelming your customer. You want to buy your product to be a matter of instinct for your customer. At Quandra Flex Quality Labels we understand this and are here to help you get just the right look and feel to your label. Our graphic design department can go over the goals you have for your product and company image and help you come up with a professional look that gets your product off the shelves and into the homes and businesses of your customers.

Whatever your product is, your best focus is spent on putting your best efforts inside that container. While we always welcome any creative input, we can also share our more than 25 years of custom label making and graphic design and share what tactics have proven most successful for businesses and products like yours. With the right level of collaboration, we can make you the type of label that has real staying power. Learn more about the branding and marketing strategies being used worldwide, on this website:


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