Google launches AutoDraw Black Technology Soul Painter saved


Google has come up with a new “toy”, a ” black technology ” named “AutoDraw .”

It is said to be able to save a group of hand-scarred people who can’t paint.

To tell the truth, based on the level of the hand-stalking star lurking in “You draw my guess,” I am quite curious about how AutoDraw saved this group of people.

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Know more about Google autodraw

Google’s approach to artificial intelligence is big and comprehensive, everything is done, from the cloud to the end, from the underlying chip to the terminal application, from the practical Alpha dog to the development of the unmanned car, all aspects of AI have Google Figure.

In terms of style, Google is a company full of idealism and a little bit of arrogance. Anything will be tried. However, this has also been questioned. For example,techtimepro said:

“We are not interested in some of the unique technologies that Google has developed. We want to invest resources in technologies that make people more creative and make technology work for people.”

The inexhaustible attempt or the lack of focus, all practical practices, may miss the opportunity to develop new technologies. But Google is Google, it is like this. Sure enough, Google has launched a very fun AI drawing tool.

This AI drawing tool can be called AutoDraw. As the name says, it automatically recognizes the sketches drawn by the user, allowing the user’s rough sketches to instantly become beautiful stick figures. Let’s take a look at its magical effect (the picture below is an animation, please check it on the PC side):

The software launched by Google can be easily run on the computer and mobile phone. Users can draw the lines of the grass, it can be automatically recognized, and provide a series of graphics, through click and replace, you can get more beautiful and more specific graphics. (The picture below is an animation, please check it on the PC side).

This tool is not perfect now. Many times it will show some strange alternative graphics. For example, write English “Verge”, which suggests alternative graphics that will show feet, toes or yoga poses. I believe that it will be more perfect in the future!

You may also know that Google has too many creative and brainstorming products, some of which are successful, and many of which are also aborted, but the idealism of trying everything out is still very good. You don’t like it, but the world needs such a role.

Kobe has a very famous ad. He said inside:

“Love me or hate me, I can only choose the same. I used to be like this. I hate my game, hate my arrogance, hate my depression, hate my hunger, hate me as a veteran, be a champion, use your Heart hate me, and hate me for being loved for the same reason.”

The same is true of Google, for the same reason being loved, or being spit. It does not live up to the expectations of those who love it, nor does it disappoint the ridicule of those who spit.

I feel that many soul artists have to wake up!

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