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Does the Bitcoin incident prove that China’s cyber security is vulnerable?


Let’s talk briefly about these two days of bitcoin events:

Time: 2017-05-12 08:00

Risk: As long as the computer is connected to the Internet, there is a hidden danger of port 445. It is possible that the bitcoin virus will be transmitted , and then the data is encrypted and extorted a lot of money.

Scope of influence: Windows ALL. (Microsoft even finally updated the patch for xp 2003)

Processing method: network data backup, firewall limit port, official website or software repair patch.

Question 1: Is cybersecurity in the Middle Ages worrying?

Following the Struts2 vulnerability, the Jackson vulnerability hit, and this time the Bitcoin virus incident. Time is of course consistent with China’s recent major meeting. Although the scope of influence is not limited to China, it is obvious that human beings are malicious. Many vulnerabilities originated in the United States. Imagine if there was a war, China’s cybersecurity was worrying, and I hope China has preventive measures!

Question 2: The Chinese network is vulnerable?

Although the network vulnerabilities have been constant, others do not talk about it. Take the recent incidents, the loopholes have indeed affected many websites in China, especially the campus network, education network, and finance. The share of China’s widdows is relatively large. The frequent occurrences on the Internet prove that China does use Windows very much, and the security aspect is not so strong. I seem to have gradually understood some big companies, even the server to modify any configuration to approve, the specific server can not access the Internet and other reasons.

Question 3: How is China doing this in terms of security?

Some people say that China’s security is doing very poorly. Some well-known points are also some industry leaders. In addition, China has a very interesting phenomenon: doing a good job and acquiring you. Sometimes we discuss security vendors in the group. Everyone feels that people are ignorant. Some companies are good at publicity, and the actual results are not so good.

On the Windows side, I believe that everyone usually uses computer housekeepers and 360s, but the Bitler incident, before the patch is updated, the system still falls, once again, the loopholes should not be underestimated. The computer housekeeper and 360 immediately updated the vulnerability issue. This aspect is still intimate, and I hope they can do better, because many people don’t understand the network, and it is simple for ordinary users to understand and operate.

Question 4: Is the Bitcoin vulnerability related to Microsoft? Or is there a “someone” malicious knife?

I believe that Microsoft will not be able to make such an event because it wants everyone to upgrade win10, but after all, it will lose a lot. Microsoft even updated the patch for the xp, 2003 system, and you can imagine the seriousness of this incident. As for whether someone is malicious, I believe it is certain. The world of hackers is terrible. This time, even students are starting to extort money, which is really disgusting.

Question 5: Are systems such as Linux and Mac really safe?

I believe this event, many people will say: I use mac, linux, and I have nothing to do, and some people will feel that linux and mac security is very good. Actually, Linux is now a virus, and there are more and more Trojans. It’s just that this line doesn’t feel like it. As for mac, or Apple, I admit that the performance is very good, the texture is good, just because it is not made in China, I have been more repulsive, there is a feeling of privacy exposure. As for domestic production, even if it is not good, it is also made in China. I definitely hope that the domestic production is getting better and better, because I believe that the Chinese still hope that China is good and powerful to the world.

Question 6: So what can we do?

Speaking of this issue, indeed, what do we need to do? We are not hackers, we are good people. I believe that no one can be a hacker. This requires talent and diligence. I personally feel that I have to do the following:

1, backup, backup, backup, important things say three times.

2, do not easily open unknown mail, attachments and other malicious files.

  • Improve safety awareness. When it comes to money-related issues, be cautious, cautious, and cautious.


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