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Commonly used shortcut keys for computers


In the use of the computer, we can take some shortcut keys to achieve complex and cumbersome operations, saving time and improving efficiency. What are the shortcut keys commonly used in computers ? Let me take a look at it!

Commonly used shortcut keys for computers

  1. [Screenshot] Click [PrtScn] on the keyboard, then open a word document, right click and paste (also press ctrl+V directly);

2, [current window screen capture] Click [ctrl+Alt+PrtScn] on the keyboard, only the currently open window will be intercepted, and other parts will not be intercepted;

3, [multiple selection 1] long press [ctrl] on the keyboard, the mouse can select any document;

4, [multiple selection 2] long press [shift] on the keyboard, just select the following table, the middle table will be selected;

5, [completely delete the file] Click [shift] + [delete] on the keyboard, the deleted file will not appear in the recycle bin, but will be completely deleted directly;

6, [Select All] Click [ctrl+A] on the keyboard, all the contents of the document will be selected;

  1. [Close the current window] Click [Alt+F4] on the keyboard to directly close the currently open window. If it is not saved, it will display whether it is saved.

8, [Start Task Manager] Click [ctrl+Alt+delete] on the keyboard;

9, [Computer lock screen] Click [Win+L] on the keyboard to directly lock the computer;

10, [return to the desktop] Click [Win+D] on the keyboard, sometimes the desktop opens too many windows, it is very troublesome to close one by one, click this button to go directly back to the desktop;

11, there are some simple shortcut keys: [ctrl+C] copy; [ctrl+V] paste; [ctrl+X] cut; [ctrl+P] print; [ctrl+F] find;

The above is a small part of the computer shortcuts, I hope that the shortcuts shared above can help you use the computer more conveniently. Learn more about different types of shortcuts and codes that can ease your daily life, on this website:


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