Check The Different Kinds Of Trade Show Displays

trade show displays

Businesses invest significant money in acquiring booths at trade shows and events. These are large platforms that offer the opportunity to showcase brand values, products, and services. One of the critical concerns is to keep attendees engaged for which the space must be welcoming and engaging at once. There are numerous ways to enhance a booth, ranging from VR-based exhibits to portable trade show displays. We take a look at some of the most trending and effective options.

Popup displays

Known for being portable, popup displays are low on budget and can be customized to meet a wide range of objectives. Mobile designs can be easily stored, and you don’t need an extended team of staff members to complete the assembly. Many products even come with a sturdy base, while other designs have a retractable format. You can get fabric and vinyl designs and further elevate simple products by adding backlight and other accessories.

Backlit displays

Gone are times when customers were happy with the basic info on a banner. Today, it is critical to offer a multi-sensory experience, and backlit exhibits and displays create an instant impression. The designs can be as unique as possible, and you can even choose to get plug-and-play options. Kiosks with custom graphics are always a great way to bring more relevance to highlighted products.

VR-based displays

Attendees often don’t spend much time at a booth because there is nothing they can interact with. AI-powered displays are a great way to introduce potential customers to your brand. You can consider adding games, interactive panels, and exhibits that encourage visitors to give input. Complex designs may require more upkeep, but if your company is a regular at trade shows, the investment is worth everything.

Banner stands

Ideal for most booths, including inline layouts, banner stands are affordable and come in diverse materials. You can get retractable designs that are easy to set up or can consider fabric frames or illuminated exhibits. With assured functionality, there is also room to play with shapes and sizes. Another option in the same category includes hanging banners, which can be used in most environments for brand messaging.

The good news is there are vendors and suppliers who specialize in trade show exhibits and have professional teams that can help design your booth. Check samples and work done by a team to evaluate what they bring to the table and get estimates based on your budget and needs.


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