Appliance Repair Company With Experience


Broken household appliance? Are you confused by this unpleasant surprise and looking for a company that can make appliance repair in Toronto?

Here, the most important factor is the technician’s experience followed by the promptness. Quick and quality repair is the reality offered by A-REPAIR. The company employs professional engineers with extensive work experience who were certified by various renowned brands. That means that even if you happen to have problems with your Samsung washing machine and your LG microwave, the company’s experts will be able to fix appliances from two different manufacturers in one visit because they specialize in multiple brands.

The company has a well-organized emergency response system and if you have an important appliance that malfunctions and needs immediate repair, its experts will immediately handle the situation. They promptly arrive for such calls and repair the appliance immediately on the spot. The great advantage of the company is that it has all the necessary original spare parts in stock, which its technicians then bring for repairs. You won’t have to wait for weeks for the required part to be delivered, and then a few more days for the technician to find free time for a visit. A-REPAIR values speed and the work of your appliances.

The company repairs small and large household appliances as well as your business helpers. So, if you are a hotel owner and your washing machine or oven suddenly broke down, you will certainly get help here.

After the repair is complete, the customer will get 100% warranty for the parts used and the technician’s work. For example, you need to get a microwave repair in Toronto, so you call 647-333-3350 or leave your request at Then a technician visits you, inspects and diagnoses the appliance, replaces parts or mechanisms (only with original ones) if needed, answers all of your questions about appliance operation etc. and issues a 3-month warranty both for their work and the part replaced. Even if something breaks down during this period, it will be replaced at the company’s expense.

If something did go wrong and your household helper broke down, don’t just wait. Call A-REPAIR as soon as you discover a breakdown. The faster you react, the greater the chance to get by with easy repairs and to have your household helpers in long and reliable operation. Entrust your appliances to professionals who will take care of them as if they were their own. And this is exactly what the specialists of our company do.


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