3 Things To Know About Artwork Appraisal To Spot the Value


According to Lee Hammond, if art were easy, everyone would be doing it. It is why it’s called artwork because it involves work. Artist’s unique expression brings colour to the world, used with a rigid schedule. Art becomes a halt both to the artist even to the people who see it. Yet, for every expression, passion and hard work are its capital to produce wonder. A wonder that caused others to see beyond what the naked eye can see.

An Original Art is valuable, especially when it asserts depth and insight no words can describe. Diamonds are valuable because they are rare. The world values artwork that is original. If you want to start collecting artwork and know the story it holds, how do you determine its worth?

History & Authenticity

The historical record of the artwork adds to its worth. Previous collectors’ reputation sets whether the price is high or low. Their reputation speaks to the reason behind why they collected such artwork. How the previous collectors value, the piece may contribute to the retention of its quality. When an artwork was stored and exhibited in a gallery, then its innate value is well-known in the industry.

Authentic artwork is synonymous with original art. It sets the masterpiece apart from a cheap one. Ideas invested in the piece are worth the price an appraiser can put on it. No matter how beautiful a piece of art is, it will be classified among the common ones if it’s not authentic. However, no matter how abstract it is, an authentic one, the artist’s ideas put on it, coupled with its creative work, makes it pay the price.

Quality of the Artwork

Artists invest for the insurance of their masterpiece, especially paintings. They may even pay a museum or a gallery to retain its quality. When you buy a painting, make sure to check its condition and its previous price. The message might still be there, but the depreciation is still applicable when the paint quality has decreased. You might replace the frames, but you cannot repaint the missing colours or streaks in them. After all, the overall quality of the painting does not rely on its message but its aesthetics.

Artist’s Prominence

The artist’s popularity and reputation are factors to determine if the painting is worth its price. Even if the piece has no lasting power yet the credibility of the person who made it has the price. When you bought the artwork, you paid for the quality of the work and the person who owns the work. It’s like buying shoes; you did not just buy the quality of the shoes but the maker of the quality.

In determining the worth of an original Art, it must go through the process of appraisal. It is formally accepted for artists to have valid proof professionally when it is used either for a charity cause, auction and selling. A professional appraiser will issue a certificate as tangible proof.

You may have your reason for buying a piece of art. Whenever a price is set for an artwork, somehow, it gives people the view that this world still appreciates its beauty. Obvious or not, the innate beauty of humanity is being tapped whenever a piece of art is released.


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