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What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Car Keys and Don’t Have a Spare


Almost everyone who owns a car at least goes through the scare of thinking “I’ve lost my car keys!” Sometimes, it’s just a scare, but other times, it’s the real deal. A lot of people don’t have spare car keys, and if that happens to you, it can be extremely stressful. At the moment, it might feel like there’s nothing you can do to get a spare, but that’s not the case, there are several ways you can fix this problem! We’re going to go over exactly what you need to do if you’ve lost your car keys and how you can get your keys back. There’s just a few

First thing’s first, figure out what happened to your keys

The best case scenario here would be that you’ve legitimately lost your keys. Since keys are small and can easily slip away, it isn’t that hard to lose them. Think of the last place you saw them and try to find them. Most of the time, they’re around the place where you last saw them. If you find them there, problem solved! But it’s also possible that you didn’t lose them yourself. This takes us to the worst case scenario.

The worst case scenario is that your car keys have been stolen. This would mean that your car is at risk too, so not only do you need to get spare keys, you need to make sure that whoever stole the keys can’t use your car.

Which Type of Key Did You Have

Your next course of action will depend on the type of key you lost. There are three types of keys.

  • Traditional Keys: Most older cars still have traditional keys. These are the ones that look similar to regular keys and you have to put them in your car and turn them to make the car start. These keys will be the easiest to replace. Any recommended Locksmith Birmingham or in your local area will be able to make you a replacement using the lock of your car. You can even get multiples of these made to ensure that if you ever lose them again, you’d be safe!
  • Keyless entry remotes: These are some of the most common keys nowadays. They’re commonly known as keyfobs and they have somewhat of a traditional key inside them. These aren’t the easiest to replicate, but a good locksmith will be able to replace these too.
  • Transponder keys: These keys are the most secure ones. They’re wireless and microchipped. Unless the key is present in the car, it won’t turn on. Preventing anyone from hotwiring your car. These keys can also be remade by your locksmith.

There’s one more thing you need to keep in mind

Although all car keys can be remade, a locksmith won’t make one for you unless you can prove that the car belongs to you. This is why you need to keep your car ownership documents with you when you call them over. Having your documents will also help them make you a replacement for the electronic keys. Now on to why you needed to keep in mind if your keys were stolen. If you’re sure they were, and your car had an electronic key, Have your locksmith reprogram your car so that the older fobs are rendered useless. This is essential to protect your vehicle from getting stolen and you will be able to make sure that the theft stays to the keys.

Losing your car keys isn’t as permanent of a problem as it may seem. All you need is a great locksmith and you’ll have a new set of keys in no time!


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