Tips to Choose the Right Freight Shipping Service in North America


Are you a business owner who provides products in more than one country? So you must have used some shipping service to ensure your products are delivered safely and on time.

Freight shipping services can be used for small packages or small shipments, and the standard is a simple one-day delivery service that does not require a signature. According to a recent report, the market of freight shipping north america is $269.7bn, which is one of the highest in the world. Here are some tips about how to choose the right freight shipping service.

Choose the shipping options wisely

There are several options for choosing a shipping service in North America. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the best service for your needs. However, the most common among these options is truck freight services. In fact, by weight, trucks transport about 72.2% of the country’s freight. You can discover more about these and other statistics that the American Trucking Association expert team has collected.

Decide on the weight or size of the package

You may wonder why weight and size aren’t always the same. When you’re shipping something, you must know what category of freight service you need.

The first step in choosing the right freight shipping service is determining if your shipment will be based on the weight or size of the package. Suppose your item weighs more than 20 pounds. In that case, you’ll probably want to look into a full-size trucking company like UPS or FedEx—they have dedicated vehicles that can easily carry larger items over long distances.

Use Simplified Freight Services

Freight shipping in North America is handled by established companies that are a vital part of the delivery system, which accounts for Trucks transportation of 57.7% of the value of the freight, then by rail (16.2%), pipeline (10.6%), vessels (3.9%), and air (4.7%) as reported recently.

Freight transport in North America can be complicated, but there are ways to simplify the process. You can use a combination of different services that work together to save money and time on your shipments. Suppose you have a lot of packages that need to be shipped internationally; in such cases, combining international transportation with domestic freight transportation will allow you to save even more money than if each service was used individually.

Freight services are available across North America, so no matter where your business is located or where its customers live—you’ll always find an option that suits your needs.


Freight services may require you to choose a type of service before you can track the package’s progress. This is because some freight services provide different tracking options and other benefits for each kind of service.

For example, if your package goes from one state to another, it’s best to choose an air freight service because it will take less time than sea or land freight. However, if your item is heavy enough to cause damage if not transported by land (for example, large furniture), consider using rail instead of air freight so that no damage occurs during transit.


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