Mov Instruction In 8086



is very basic and key instruction in assembly. It moves data from one address to has the widest variety of parameters so that a programmer can use it as he likes more effectively. In Mov Instruction we have to use a register so we can say that it can copy data from memory to register or register to memory or one register to another.

Mov is a microprocessor instruction it means it can read or write memory. The basic syntax of the instruction is MOV Destination, Source. The instruction can Mov a byte or a word. The condition for this restriction is that both operands must be the same size. The eight and 16 bit registers are certainly valid operands for this instruction. Now let’s look at some actual 8086 mov instructions:

mov ax, bx ;Copies the value from BX into AX

mov dl, al ;Copies the value from AL into DL

mov si, dx ;Copies the value from DX into SI

mov sp, bp ;Copies the value from BP into SP

mov dh, cl ;Copies the value from CL into DH

mov ax, ax ;Yes, this is legal!


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