How To Use Tinder Without Facebook


Dating has become an important status symbol among the youth these days. Out of enthusiasm, the search for a partner has started even online recently. One popular online dating companion today is tinder.

Here is how to use Tinder in different possible ways. How Tinder and Tinder Plus work. How to use Tinder on PC. How to use Tinder on the desktop. How to download Tinder on various devices. And also how to use Tinder without Facebook.

Tinder is an online dating app. It can be found in the app store for iOS and in the Google Play store for android devices. It can also be downloaded using Tinder app or tinder plus app which can be found in various app sites.

To become a user of Tinder after installation of the app, either from the app stores or the Tinder app and Tinder Plus app, you must create an account in sync with your Facebook account. if your tinder login failed then you can easily connect without using a Facebook account. we have written below ways to connect without fb.

The user must be older than 17 years to create an account on Tinder. You need to enter your details and fill up your profile. Tinder will extract some details from Facebook, but there will be some more fields that could be filled. You can also set the audience of your information. After filling up your profile and uploading images, you need to set your range of age and range of GPS for distance and also the gender you are looking for. Tinder uses this given information and uses the given ranges and displays profiles of other users that fall under the given criteria. If you like the profile, then you need to swipe right and if you don’t like them then swipe left. Once a profile is swiped left it can’t be changed. So we must be careful while swiping them right or left. Once both the users have swiped right for each other’s profiles, then a private chat thread is formed between both the users.

There is also something called a super like. You can super like someone by swiping up. When you super like someone then unlike a normal like a notification goes to the other person saying that you have super liked their profile. You can super like only once a day. A more recent feature in tinder is the boost. A boost is an option that needs to be paid for. When the lift is used, your profile is displayed on top of the lists of those in your area for about a span of 30 mins. The boost option can be found by tapping the purple lightning bolt icon.

There is an upgraded version of Tinder called tinder plus. This is an entirely paid version where the payment is done on a monthly basis. You have certain benefits in tinder plus over tinder.

In tinder plus, you will get one free boost per month. You also get to use five super likes per a day instead of one like in the normal version of tinder. And also it is entirely ad free.

In tinder plus there is an option of rewind. With this option, you can change your last swipe if you have swiped it the wrong way. There also exists the option of changing your location. A tinder plus user has a higher right swipe limit than a normal Tinder user.

How to use Tinder Without Facebook

Using Tinder without Facebook is an issue that everyone wants to be addressed, but it isn’t possible to use tinder without syncing it to your Facebook account.

But as of now, there is no way to un-sync your tinder with Facebook. Only changes in privacy settings can be made.

In Facebook privacy settings for the option tinder the visibility can be set to ‘only me.’ Otherwise, another Facebook account could be created. Or else in tinder privacy settings you can deselect the option ‘show me on tinder social.’ By these, your privacy can be managed to a certain level.

Having tinder on mobile can be difficult and unsafe in many ways. Since it’s on our mobile, there are a lot of chances of wrong swipes unknowingly while we are carrying them. And also coming to the part of privacy. Since we use our mobile phones everywhere and there are high probabilities of snooping that could be done to our mobiles. Hence the issue of privacy also pops up. And the solution to this is getting tinder on PC or Desktop.

Tinder is mostly known to be just an online mobile app. But among today’s tech, you can do anything, including getting a mobile app on your desktop or PC.

Download Tinder For PC

To download Tinder on your desktop or PC, you need to have Android emulators like YouWave or BlueStacks.

For a desktop, once YouWave is downloaded and installed, open the play store using the browser in YouWave. Search for tinder. And click on install. And you have tinder on your desktop.

In a PC, once BlueStacks has been installed login with a Google account. Search for tinder in the app store. Install the app and enjoy tinder on your PC.

Even if you are using tinder with facebook then know how to hide tinder from facebook account.

How To Hide The Tinder App In Facebook:

Once you are able to login your facebook account then you need to change some setting.

1. Go to privacy setting option.

2. click on app left menu.

3. click on tinder app edit setting.

4. select the visibility of the app to “only me” and then save me.

You can also Facebook from tinder account and use tinder without facebook.

Just open tinder setting

Find facebook app option and change or toggle the Facebook “Show Me On Tinder Social” off.

Hope this steps help you in knowing how to use tinder without facebook. If you know any other ways then write us in comment.


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