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In the website promotion method, search engine promotion is one of the most important methods, and Google is currently the world’s most NB search engine, accounting for 56% of the global search engine market, so the promotion of the website in Google can not be ignored. However, the current promotion of most websites in Google is to give Google money, to do the ads on the right side of Google. Although Google’s right-hand ad is still effective, the price is too high ($0.05 per click), which is not something that our ordinary Internet people can afford. How can I not give Google a penny to better promote my website in Google? Here I teach you a set of secrets — Google’s left ranking.

Google’s left-hand rankings are mainly based on technical means to improve the overall ranking of the website in Google and get a better ranking. Here we look at Google’s left-hand ranking skills:

The first step: Google’s first step is to understand the Google ranking factors: Google ranking factors are said to be more than 300, this data is a foreign famous SEO (search engine optimization research) research Provided by, but we must study so deep, because our ancestors have a very reasonable sentence to say so: change is not separated from its ancestors!

There are several main factors in Google ranking:

A: Website structure: A reasonable website structure allows Google to easily search most of your website content, include a large number of pages, and pay more attention to your website. It is a very important factor in ranking.

B: Label design: Search engines all like to know the webpage through some tags, and judge the webpage, and Google does not. This factor is also very important.

C: PageRank: This is also the PR value that is often said. Google ranks pages by rating. It is among the top of the ranking factors. I will give you a detailed discussion below.

D: Website traffic: The bigger the website traffic, the more Google pays attention, and not only the website updates are very fast, but the benefits of ranking are also very large.

E: There are many other factors, so I won’t list them here. As long as the four items in front of us are good, we will be OK.

Step 2: Optimize the website: Optimize the website mainly includes: website structure optimization, website label optimization, website page optimization, in order to make it easier for Google to search your website and pay attention to the keywords you want to rank. Here is a practical example for everyone to talk about:

A: Structure optimization: The key to letting Google include more pages on your website is to make each page connect to each other. Also better to make a detailed site map page.

B: Label design: The web page label is mainly two labels, one is the web page title, one is the introduction label, and the other is the keyword label. Highlight the keywords in the label. For example, in Google, enter “e-commerce” and the top-ranked website homepage label is designed like this:

e-commerce guide
These three sections of the label should be placed between and the

note: the length of the title tag cannot exceed 40 characters (20 Chinese characters).

Note: The introduction label should clearly and clearly write the content of the web page and highlight the keywords. Don’t be too long and write content that is irrelevant to the content of the webpage.

Note: Too many keyword tags are easy to be considered cheating. To be honest, write OK and don’t write words that are not related to your web page.

C: Webpage optimization:

Homepage: Many homepages are pure FLASH or a picture. The structure of the website is very unreasonable. The homepage is the entrance of a website, which is mainly used for navigation. The home page is a clear and informative page.
In addition, in the text content of the webpage, keywords should be highlighted, and the keywords encountered in it can be bolded. In addition, if there are keywords of other pages in the text, you can add this keyword to the hyperlink to guide the related page.

Note: The fewer keywords you highlight on each page, the better. It is best not to exceed 3. In addition, the density of keywords on the web page must be a good one, not too low, not too high or too high. Generally, it is suitable at around 3%.

The third step: improve the PR value of the website. The PR value is Google’s rating of the web page, which is mainly calculated according to the connection between the web pages: for example, station A has a connection to station B, and one user clicks station B from station A to stand at the station A. The connection to the B station means that station A has voted for station B and will be recorded by GOOGLE. The more external connections a web page has, the higher its PR value.

There are several ways to improve the PR value of a web page:

A: Make a friendly connection with a website with a high PR value.B: Log in to many web directories such as YAHOO, and DMOZ.

C: Go to some self-service connection site to log in to your website.

D: Optimize the structure of the website so that there is a good connection between the pages of the website itself.

Step 4: Improve website traffic: I want to make the traffic of my website as good as possible. The first one is to do the content of the website itself, stick the traffic that has visited your website, and let them go to your website for the first time. Just remember your website and will come to your website the next time you need relevant information. The other is to cooperate with other aspects of promotion.

Google’s left-hand ranking doesn’t give Google a penny, and if the left-hand ranking is reached, the effect is more than thirty times more effective than Google’s right-hand ad. Still hesitating, act now!

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