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What Is Physical Address And How To Calculate It


Physical Address:

The physical address is an address in a computer that is represented in binary numbers. It belongs to a specific block of memory.

How to calculate Physical Address:

Logical Address = Segment : Offset … The 16-bit segment, 16-bit offset

Physical Address (20-bit address)= Segment * 10h + Offset

Where Memory Segments and Offsets are:

Memory Segments:

A memory segment is a block of 2^16 (or 64 K) consecutive memory bytes.

Data Segment, Code Segment, Stack Segment, Extra Segment


Within a segment, the memory location is specified by an offset. This is the number of bytes from the beginning of the segment


Logical Address = A4FB:4872

Physical Address = A4FB0h + 4872h = 0A9822h


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