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How To Legally Open a Marijuana Restaurant in California


What supplies does your marijuana restaurant need?

It might seem obvious, but you can’t open a restaurant without a way to prepare food. As any restauranteur will tell you, buying quality restaurant equipment can cost a lot of money. If you’re trying to stick to a budget or don’t have a lot of liquidity, you may want to lease restaurant equipment instead. Opting for equipment finance will enable you to make monthly payments instead of requiring a significant amount of cash up front.

If your dream is to serve cannabis-infused meals, you’re out of luck. However, you may still be able to sell prepackaged cannabis products in your restaurant with proper licensing in California. One product that should get consideration for your menu is delta-8 edibles. If you’re unfamiliar, delta-8 THC is a compound that can be derived from hemp plants and gained popularity due to its similarity to delta-9 THC.

Gummies like these delta-8 gummies 1000mg are some of the most popular delta-8 products. Delta-8 enthusiasts describe the experience as a smoother, less intense high than the one you experience smoking marijuana containing delta-9 THC. The legality of delta-8 products depends on where you live and whether or not they are made from hemp, so check the local laws in your area.

How can you legally serve marijuana at a restaurant in California?

One question anyone interested in entering the cannabis restaurant business needs to answer is whether or not their proposed business is legal. The answer can be complicated and depends on how you intend to make use of marijuana in a restaurant. The state has already issued regulatory guidelines that prohibit restaurants from serving dishes infused with marijuana.

Fortunately, there are other ways to incorporate marijuana into your restaurant. To keep their operation legal within California’s restrictive guidelines, the Original Cannabis Café had to get creative. There are some specific rules to follow. The cocktails are nonalcoholic, as California prohibits marijuana and alcohol on the same premises. You order and pay for your bud and your meal separately, and you can’t take anything you purchase at the café home with you.

If you want to visit the Original Cannabis Café, you’ll need to be patient. Shortly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Original Cannabis Café announced a temporary closure with a plan to reopen in the near future. Once they open their doors again, anyone can head down and enjoy dinner paired with weed instead of wine.

As with any cannabis business, ensure that customers know that if they haven’t used cannabis products before, they should get their doctor’s advice before trying it. A doctor can tell them how substances like delta-8 THC and marijuana can impact any health conditions they have or medications they’re currently taking.

With or without marijuana, no restaurant can succeed if they don’t have quality products, quality service, and quality equipment. You may need to adjust your business plan so you stay within California’s narrow regulatory guidelines, but opening a marijuana restaurant is a unique business opportunity that allows you to get in on the ground floor of a growing sector of the cannabis industry.


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