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How to learn hacking techniques, how to become a hacker, in detail!!!


Maybe you don’t want to be a hacker but are curious, maybe you are just for superb technology. No matter what you need to study hard, there is nothing that can be easily succeeded without effort. The reason why success is because that person has a unique ability, if you want to have superior skills, you must continue To learn, and to learn hacking techniques must also pay attention to certain efficiency. Today, the beginning of Inoker also officially worked as a webmaster for him. I know that it is difficult for a person to support a station, but when I am not difficult, I know that my days will be very good.

Let me talk about the troubles of many friends. Is it necessary to read a roster every time or search for a rookie article in Baidu? I don’t even have the confidence to read it after reading a few lines. Because of what? Because I don’t read it. understand. The original confidence that is full of curiosity has also passed away. Finally, the hacker was abandoned because it was difficult to continue learning.

I have had a deep experience. Like a narrow path, when you choose a tool, you must consider whether it is a bicycle or a road. Choose a good method to get a shortcut. Next, I will tell you about a rookie road. It is also a shortcut that I have come out of the road in the east of the road for several years. I hope I can help you. But remember, if you don’t work hard, even if you are one meter long, you can’t do anything without walking your legs. If you want to learn, you have to prepare for it. It’s not that you follow the animations of others and follow the instructions. A QB means that you are a hacker. If your inner joy can awaken your interest in hacking technology, it is worth it. In a word, I hope that you will go on.

Learning hacking techniques, I must have a plan for myself.

I am not interested in learning about hackers this morning. I am interested in games in the afternoon. The knowledge I learned is quite unsuccessful, and there must be an overall arrangement for learning things. What day do I have to plan to learn? How many days are expected to be proficient? These must be thought of before you study. We advocate a categorical approach to learning hacking techniques. Let me talk about the basics of categorical learning. A few days ago I saw this classification learning route of Netan. I want to add something here.

1. The basics of hacker terminology: mainly clarify some commonly used hacking terms, such as what is called webshell, what is called injection, what is called side-note, and some common tools, such as nc, sc, etc. There is when you encounter When you don’t understand the hacking terminology, you should first figure out the meaning of the term. Check Baidu or GOOGLE to find out what he meant. While learning hacking techniques, you should not be able to get to know the knowledge you don’t understand. Be clear first. (learning for a week)

2. Gray pigeon configuration and use: learning to achieve the correct configuration of the grey pigeons can be done online. Training on its functions. (learning for two days) Needless to say, the primary hacker listens the most The pigeons are gone.

3. Web Trojan production and dissemination (one week)

4. Website invasion (almost one month)

5. Trojan signature modification (four or five days)

Of course, the division of knowledge blocks and learning time can be appropriately selected according to their own situation. I will classify the learning process, and the skills, and combine the specific steps of the learning method in the form of examples in the actual learning.

The main line of the hacker technology classification learning method

—-View animation tutorials and technical articles— – Practical training—-Review the tutorials and articles—Create your own animation tutorials and write articles. Follow the above route and practice repeatedly. I think you will definitely improve in a short period of time. The following sections explain each link:

First, the collection of information

, the main purpose is to collect as many relevant animation tutorials and technical articles as possible. There are two main methods of collection: the first one, using Baidu, and Google, search. For example, I want to find a website intrusion-related tutorial, you can enter the keyword “site intrusion + space + tutorial” in Baidu Google, so you can collect a lot of tutorials and articles, you can flexibly change keywords, such as input script intrusion + Space + animation, ASP intrusion, etc., can find a lot of information on website intrusion, collect them all together. Second, use the site search of large hacker websites. This type of search is much higher than Baidu and Google. For example, if you want to find a webpage related to a Trojan, you can go to the major hacker websites and enter the keyword webpage Trojan in the search.

Second, look at the animation tutorials and technical articles

before you look at it, you have to prepare a notebook, which is used to record the places that you don’t understand or doubt when watching animations or articles. In the process of watching, you may not understand some places. It doesn’t matter, record the places that you don’t understand. Of course, you should pay attention to the following points when watching animations and articles:

1. To understand the overall idea of ​​the animation tutorial

. 2. Pay attention to the details of each operation of the animation. Record it immediately. How to solve the problem of not knowing what to record? It can be solved by the following methods.

1. Forum questions: For example, the rookie question area, the description of the areas you do not understand clearly, sent to the forum, of course, you can also go to other hacking forums to ask questions.

2. Ask the hacker group or friends, here you need to add a few hacker technology groups, pay a few more hacker technology enthusiasts, and then take your troubles to discuss with everyone, which generally can also be solved.

3. Repeatedly watching animation tutorials, and technical articles, sometimes, we may not understand when we look at it again, but repeated observations and repeated thoughts can often solve difficult problems in animations or articles.

4. Use Baidu and Google to search for relevant content, and also use keywords to search related content. This method is still good. You also understand N other related issues while you understand your problem.

Third, the actual training

phase is also the most important. At the beginning, you can follow the animation steps. Many difficult problems can be realized in the actual operation and will be solved in the operation. Of course, if you encounter difficulties during the operation, you can go back and watch the animation and repeat the process. Slowly it will become your own technology.

Fourth, look back at the animation and articles

In the course of the operation, encountered difficult problems, and then we took these questions back to see the animation, I believe that the understanding is more profound. The purpose is also clearer. In this process, pay special attention to comparing the details of your operation with the details in the animation, and find out where the problem exists in time.

FIFTH, Make your own animation or write an article

After a period of learning hacking techniques, you may have a deeper understanding of a certain knowledge block, as well as your own insights. The so-called practice makes perfect, and you have the natural experience and personal experience. At this time, you can animate or write your new intrusion ideas and techniques, which not only improves your thinking ability but also exercises your practical level. This is also an important way to improve the technical level of hackers.

When learning hacking techniques, I suggest here: If you have new intrusion ideas or new intrusion techniques, don’t bury them in your mind and make animations. You will progress without knowing it.


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