The webmaster submits seven SEO essential skills to the website directory.


Friends who do SEO should be familiar with the website directory. The website directory is to sort and archive the included websites according to a certain classification method. The website directory itself does not actively crawl the webpage, and generally only records the name, URL and limited explanatory text of the website.

The website directory is sluggish, and maybe only SEO personnel will remember it. After all, the weight of the website directory is not low. Today we will talk about the submission points of the website directory:

SEO essential skills to the website directory

One: the content of the website needs to be original

High-quality website original content is the basic standard for a website to be included in a high-weighted aggregation catalog. Websites that are shoddy, collected, pieced together, and plagiarized are not included, as this reduces the quality of the website directory itself, which in turn reduces the value of the website directory.

Second: the website has been completed

When you go to submit the website, you must pay attention to it, you can’t have 404 error, the connection can’t be opened, there is a problem with domain name resolution, the picture can’t be displayed, and the website is building medium and low level error performance. Make sure the site is built and that all services are up and running.

Three: the page design should be beautiful and professional

Unlike search engine spiders, the Mimi website directory is manually audited. It is important to ensure that the page is beautiful and professional. It is very important to have a good impression on the directory editor. If the page design is very simple, or the color matching is annoying, timely You have the best content, the website directory page will not include you, remember, the directory editor is not a spider, is a person with specific senses, so be sure to carefully review the website page for similar problems before submitting.

Four: Contact information should be specific

When submitting, you should fill in the specific webmaster contact information such as email address, mailing address, telephone number, instant messaging software, etc. In order to facilitate the editing of the website directory, you can contact the webmaster to deal with the problem if necessary.

Five: website title writing specification

When writing the title of the website, be sure to standardize it. Write the official, authoritative, and unique title as much as possible. Write the keyword of the website when conditions permit, but absolutely eliminate the advertisement. For example, your company is kashmir Snow Leopard Down Co., Ltd., don’t write the most “Kashmir’s most professional down company”, it is very important to standardize the title of the website.

Six: the most relevant keywords of the website

The general Amoy directory will allow you to submit 3-5 keywords for user search. Be sure to choose the three keywords that are most relevant to your site, and the keywords that may be the most searched by users.

Seven: the writing of the website profile

Summarize the main features and themes of your website in one sentence. The same should be avoided for advertising and absolute words such as “best” and “best”, because the catalog editors are ordinary people, I believe they are also very disgusted with bragging. Just write it in the narrative tone and it won’t be too fancy.

The above seven points are the tips for submitting the micropage website directory. In addition, everyone prepares the website title, keywords, website introduction, etc., so it is more convenient to submit, and it is a must-have skill for SEO. Website directory submission has many other influences on SEO.

With above tips I also wind to share you few Good SEO directory submissions sites

I won’t say much here. The last thing to say here is that the more difficult the external link is, the higher the quality of the link, the webmasters don’t need because of the directory website. It is troublesome to review and fill in the information on the website. It will take time to ignore this. I don’t know, this will be a very serious loss for your website. You must know that the high-quality website directory can directly improve the website ranking. For SEO It is even more like a fish.


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