7 Tips for Writing SEO Optimized Content in WordPress


Generating traffic becomes much easier when you have the right content for your audiences and keywords are just like a cherry on the top. Here are seven of the guaranteed tips on how to make your articles/blogs SEO friendly:

1) Give Relevant Information

Start with a brief introduction of your product/service so that the reader gets a fair idea of what the product is and what to expect out of it. Write the description in a way that the reader is left with no other option but to read further.

2) Keep it Simple!

The readers should be familiar with the kind of words you use. Do not over exaggerate unnecessarily or use big words that are not easy to pronounce or understand.

3) Use a Catchy Title

The title or the headline of your content should be of course relevant to your product /service, but most importantly it should be eye catching. It should be appealing enough to grab the attention of your target audiences.

4) Make Use of Phrases

Add phrases to your sentences which are filled with keywords. Keywords are the words people insert in search engines to obtain results. More the keywords, more are your chances of getting listed in the top search results.

5) Add Pictures and Videos

A written material may be monotonous at times so try combining it with good quality photos. If you wish to educate your readers on a certain topic, the best way is to provide them with a tutorial video.

6) Implement Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a quick and easy way to tie content to a certain author, all you need is a Google+ account. As a result, your articles come up as rich snippets in the search results featuring the author’s photo along with the article title. Google Authorship is great for personal promotion, but can also increase the click through rate to your articles.

7) Monitor User Activities

There are various tools by which you can track the amount of audiences driven on your site/blog in a day. Use these techniques wisely to figure out if you are able to generate productive outcome or not.

Search Engine Optimization is a key factor in making your content user-friendly. Try incorporating more and more keywords in your content to let it stand out on the internet. Make sure to follow all the above tips as you start writing.


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