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WhatsApp Business App is Officially Available to Download!


Whatsapp messenger is having more than 1 billion users by 2018. According to an estimate, daily more than 64 Billion messages are being sent and received through Whatsapp. Whatsapp was owned by Facebook a few years back and now they made a WhatsApp version of a Facebook page with the aim to connect small business with their customers.

Why Facebook announced Whatsapp Business

According to a research held at Facebook, Customers feel more easy to text than to call on service centers. Meanwhile, according to an estimate 80% of small business in India and Brazil uses Whatsapp to contact their customers.

By looking at these research last year Facebook announced that there will be a Whatsapp business app for business organizations to handle their client.

Download Whatsapp Business APK

Now, Whatsapp business app is here for Android users. Android users can download and install Whatsapp business app right from play store. You can also download Whatsapp business app from the link below!

Download Latest version of Whatsapp Business APK for Android.

They will soon announce Whatsapp business app for IOS and windows phone users. For now, Whatsapp business app is only available for Android users.

Whatsapp Business App

According to Whatsapp Blog, The aim of the business app was to help small business to reach out and contact their clients.

Let’s Come to the features! What does WhatsApp have for business persons in Whatsapp Business App…

The Features

  • Business Profiles
  • Quick Replies
  • Automated messages
  • Messaging Stats

Business Profiles

The users of the business app will have to register their business on Whatsapp business app. So that the clients could know that they are talking to real business peoples. You have to verify your phone number… You can also put your Facebook page link, website or store link, email address, mailing address etc…

The normal users can get it that they are contacting with the business profiles in this way… Clients can block annoying business just like the normal block.

Quick Replies & Automated messages.

Business app users will have the option to send automated replies like Greeting message when a new customer texts you. Away message, When you are not in working hours. Quick replies like free shipping and discount you just type it and an automated message came as a draft and you can send it.

This helps a lot when you are dealing with a lot of customers.

Messaging Stats.

You can see how many peoples successfully received your message, how many of them read your message and how many of them ignored it.

The Note

No one needs to download any new app until you are running a business. Normal users don’t need to get new app they will still use the Whatsapp app.

IOS and windows phone version of Whatsapp business app will be launched soon.


When WhatsApp business app gets into the market, they are getting a tough competition.

Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, and wechat have already put business to customer interaction in their features. weChat has already 10 million business profiles and Whatsapp business on the other hand just got 1 million downloads.

Meanwhile, Apple has announced an update in iMessage regarding B2C interaction, as Whatsapp hasn’t created Whatsapp business app for IOS so that is a tough competition for Whatsapp.

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