Reason to use online proctoring for hiring the candidate


The concept of eLearning has gained the attention of many people over the past few years. If you take a look at today’s concepts that are trending, you will understand that online education has gained quite a lot of popularity. The reason for this is the best of the services which it offers for the students. The student can learn any challenging concepts at home as well without any worry about not understanding the concept. Rather there are also online tutors available. But when it comes to practising, such tutors generally offer the students with the practice or test paper that is proctored. If you are wondering what that is then certainly this is the right place where you have landed.

Know more about online proctoring:

Online proctoring is one of the ways by which an evaluator can actually have a look at every activity which the candidate is doing while writing the exam. The best part about such a solution is evaluator irrespective of location can keep a look at the candidate and even if there is something which an evaluator misses out, the software gives the whole report about every activity and moment which the candidate does. This is the main reasons why such type of software is advised to be installed along with the test so that risk of cheating and fraud is reduced to a great extent.

What is online proctoring:

Proctored test which also is known as the online proctoring works as a mechanism that make sure the test authenticity does not get harmed in any way. It helps to protect the candidate from cheating as there is a proctor solution present at the time of test duration. A proctor is also said to be the evaluator or a person who is highly trained and qualified. The person is responsible to understanding the authentication of the student and making sure they don’t do any kind of cheating and fraud. Online testing is one effective solution that has been used in the educational sector from more than 10 years and now it is also used in the corporate sector.

There are different types of online prated solution. Basically the online test usually consists of an injective type of tests. This is a test which a candidate needs to solve depending on the logical and Knowledge he has with regards to the question or the subject. The test us used for understanding the elearning ability or the behavioural profile of the person and that is the main reason it has to be well proctored since it gives accurate analysis to the hiring manager and know if the person can actually standby the promise and perfectly fit in the working culture or not.

The problems with online test if it is not proctored:

You may wonder there is no harm to conduct an online or offline test which is not proctored. But the fact is there are many issues, risks and problems that are likely to occur if you get such test without proctoring that includes:

To offer a proctored exam centre near the location of assessment giver can be quite a challenge for many organizations who administered different test types

There are many qualified Proctors who are actually not so easy to find. It could be quite hard to make sure the quality of proctoring is not hampered on any way. Besides, there will not be any kind of records available to make sure the proctor did the job in a better way or not.

There would be a limited test centres supply or even the proctors that would result in the extended schedules of the test.

If there is an online test that is not proctored there would often be the cases that would have the impersonation and cheating reported. Candidates can ask other people to take the test on their behalf and even use the method of cheating such as using textbook or smartphone or any device to get the answers for the questions.

What does the online proctored test basically includes:

Such type of test is also called as online video proctoring. In this test, there is a candidate who is monitored online when he appears for the exam through webcam. Besides, there would be screen across and mic also given to the candidate for further screening. To take such type of test is possible from the remote location but for this the candidate requires the right device that includes laptop, desktop and even PC, a good internet connection with at least 256 kbps and even a mic with a functional webcam along with some of the latest browsers that are available.

Know the types of proctoring

The first one would be the live proctored test in which there proctoring service provider will let the people sit at the remote location and make sure there is student authentication along with red flag form of cheating is available. Such type of option can monitor around 16/32 candidate at a single time but that also depends on the provider. The best part of using such type of it removes the location constraint and can give accurate results.

Then comes the record proacting in which there is no proctor that is monitoring the feed in real time. Rather there would be audio and video with screen sharing test feed of the candidate that would be recorded. The best part is along with location, the schedule constraint is avoided because of which it can save a lot of time and money however, it is not so scalable but can be quite expensive.

The last one is the automated proctoring, which is the advanced solution in which along with audio video being recorded, the system would also monitor the suspicious activity with the help of video and audio analysis. Along with location and schedule constraints it is one cost effective and scalable solution to think of.

Now that you are much clear with such type of solution, it is important that you consider every aspect of it.


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