Omega watches were developed in the 1930s with an original movement caliber of 30.10 mm. The watch was so exotically engineered and built that it became fan-favorite almost instantly. Omega Seamaster is known as the best all-rounder chronometers. Chronometers are the timepieces placed in vacuum chambers so the movement is not disturbed by the pressure and humidity.

Seamasters are a water-resistant line of Omega watches and were originated in 1932. However, the name was officially used in 1947. Omega watches are considered the best all-rounders in the market and many characteristics contribute to this fame of their line.

The original purpose of the watches

In the olden days, casual watches were susceptible to water. You could not wear a watch and play with water, and it cost a lot of people huge amounts. The reason behind this was the branded watches were and are expensive. And buying these watches only for losing them to a few droplets of water was idiotic.

Omega then came up with the idea of a water-resistant watch line, the Seamaster. Ten years later, Rolex came with their variant of under-water functional watches. So Seamaster decided to re-enter the market as not only under-water watches but also as dress watches. The watches were redesigned to fulfill the standards of a dress watch and stormed the market once again.

Different Seamaster watches

Omega Seamaster has a lot of variants. These vary depending upon different features, the material used, and the spectra of their use. These variants are:

Professional diver

They are available in both male and female styles, in automatic and quartz movements. Two different dial styles are available in the men’s variant, the skeleton hand and the GMT style.

Professional chronographs

As the name suggests, they are highly mechanical with only automatic movements. Available in titanium, these are heavy watches with large dials and are only available for men.

Professional GMT

These were the modified versions of the Omega Seamaster professional diver watches. The modifications included an extra GMT hand towards the bezel. A titanium diver was added. It is available in men’s style only, and the movement is automatic.

Aqua Terra

These watches are the most different in the Seamaster range. They are available in both men’s and women’s styles. The movements are either coaxial or quartz.


These are the further modified versions of the Aqua Terra. They were launched as a tribute to the original watch which influenced the aqua terra variant. It features a coaxial movement only.

Movement of the Seamaster

All of the female style Seamasters are available in quartz movement only, however, the movement in men’s watches vary in all the models. Some offer both movements and some are confined to only one.


As these watches aim to be mechanical, they are certified as chronometers. The quartz models are not certified, but the automatic models are validated with a variation of -4 to +6 seconds per day time measurement which reflects high performance.

Omega Seamaster’s rotating bezel, visible hands, and dials with fluorescent markers, and high resistance to scratching makes them one of the best line of watches in the market today.

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