Nick Cannon

Every fan wants to know about his favorite superstar’s life. In this way, we choose Nick Cannon to discuss his net worth and how he made his fortune. We will shed light on his life to see his Biography, lifestyle, Personal life, and struggles he has faced during his career.

What is Nick Cannon net worth?

If we talk about the net worth of NICK CANNON, it’s not less than any Superstar. He earns so much money from his profession. According to the resources, he has a net worth of 50 Million US Dollars. This allows him to enjoy the real celebrity life. As everybody knows, he has worked for Hollywood since he was a teenager.

Who is Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon is a Multi-Talented Superstar, blending different abilities and professions as Comedian, Actor, Rap singer, Producer, and Famous Television host. He also got famous from his Notable movies like Drumline, Man in black, and Love Don’t Cost a Thing.

These movies make this man most famous and notable to the audience. Nick Cannon is not only renowned for his acting. He also has some fame from his musical career. Nick Cannon also performed some Rap performances that surprised fans.

How old is Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon was born on 8 Oct, 1980 in San Diego, California. According to this date, he is 43 years old in 2023. He is the son of famous television artist James Cannon, and his Mother was Beth Gardner. Nick never used his father’s reference to become a successful star. He used his talent to be a superstar.

Personal and Family life

Nick Cannon was born in San Diego, California, USA on Oct 8, 1980. His Parents divorced when he was a teenager, and his Grandfather contributed to his growth. At a very early age, he found that he could entertain people using comedian skills, so he decided to make it his profession.

After that, he moved to Los Angeles on weekends to show his standup comedy ability to audiences in high-profile areas. With this struggle, he got a chance to enter Hollywood. He has many comedy shows where he shows his ability to entertain the audience; The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store are good examples. 

He was married to famous singer Mariah Carey from 2008 to 2016. They have two children named fraternal twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott. However, the couple announced separation in 2014, and the divorce happened in 2016. As a part of the settlement, Nick Cannon was forced to pay 5000 dollars per month for his children. Nick Cannon has many kids from four women like Brittany Bell.

How many kids does Nick Cannon have?

Nick Cannon became a father of 12 kids in November 2022. Nick Cannon has twins with his wife, Mariah Carey. Three kids from his DAILY CANNON Cohost Abby de la Rosa, three with Britney Bell, two with Alyssa Scott, and one kid with Bre Tiesi and Lanish Cole.

People are shocked at how he would afford them. His recent wife, DJ ABBY De La Rosa, gave birth to twins. According to Nick Cannon, he does not pay kids support, but he spends more than 3 million dollars on kids annually.

Relationships and Affairs

Nick Cannon affairs can be estimated to see his family members. He has almost 13 kids from six wives. If we talk about his vast affairs list, we get the name Maria carried on the top of the list. She was also his first wife, with whom he had two kids.

If we are talking about the list of his affairs, how can we forget the name of his ex-girlfriend, Brittaney Bell? From her, he has two kids named Golden Sagon and Powerful Queen. Abby de la Rosa also remained his love for a time with the three children he got from her. We should also light on his legendary love, Bre Tiesi; this couple has one kid. 

Nick Cannon said, “Every Day I just wake up excited as a Father.” it means he is enjoying his affairs so much. He is so excited to have many kids.

Nick Cannon Bio, Age, Height

Nick Cannon is an American-African born in OCT 1980 and is famous for his different professions, such as TV host, comedian, singer, and songwriter. He was born in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, and now his house is in Los Angeles, California. He is 43 years old, is about 5,10 inches, and weighs 75 kg.

NameNick Cannon
Date of birthOct 8, 1980
BirthplaceSan Diego, California, USA
ParentsJames Cannon, Beth Gardner
SpouseMariah Carey
KidsMonroe and Moroccan Scott
OccupationActor, TV host, Rapper and Comedian

Nick Cannon Career

Nick Cannon’s career is no less impressive than that of any celebrity. He started his career with a funny show where he became famous. People like his work as a comedian. He was first recognized for his comedic ability, which has impressed and attracted the public. His way of comedy was so unique that he got so much fame amongst Audience.

During this journey of comedy, he also tried different famous movies like “Man in Black”. He had so much success with his talent and unique style of comedy and acting. The audience was so impressed with his talent. He also performed in one of the Famous TV shows, America’s Got Talent.

He also worked for a radio station from 6 to 10, showing his ability to attract an audience. He accumulated almost 50 million dollars from his career and made a lavish property in the Bahamas. Currently, he lives with his family in Los Angeles, California.

Music Career

Nick Cannon is an actor but debuted in his musical career as a rapper. Nick Cannon was a part of a group called DA D4 Dope Bomb Squad. In 2003, Nick launched his Self-titled album that sold almost 200,000 units. This album includes famous tracks like Gigolo, Attitude, I Used to be in Love, “You,” and eight more singles.

According to many resources, Nick Cannon also had plans to release the album in 2006 but never released it to the public because of his commitment to acting.

1999 to 2006

Nick Cannon has some teenage time as a song rapper. He joined famous musical groups and started working as a rap singer then. In these years, he also launched his album in which some of his songs were so famous like I Used to be in Love, Attitude, and YOU.

But in 2006, he could not work on any more albums due to his acting career.

2009 to 2012

Nick Cannon innovated some things in this era. Firstly, he formed a new label to cancel his old label, “Can I Ball Record”. Nick Cannon started a parody of hip-hop slick Rick in 2010. In this manner, Nick Cannon published his debut mixtape, “Child of the Corn,” in 2011. He also released two songs featuring the persona: “I am a slick Rick.”

2013 Present

Nick Cannon exposed something different this year. He launched some of his amazing songs like “Me Sexy” in 2013 and announced after nine years of his last album, “White People Party Music.”

His second single album was released in 2014, named “Looking for a Dream.”

On Nov 2016, Nick launched his second tape, “The Gospel of Ike Tum up: My Side of the Story”.

In Dec 2016, he released his single on iTunes named “Hold On”.

In Dec 2019, he released a track named “The Invitation”.

In this way, he keeps up his hard work to maintain his success in this field occasionally.

Nick Cannon lifestyle

This man’s lifestyle is so lavish. You can observe his lifestyle to see his affairs and family. He is supporting a giant family that includes six women and 12 kids. According to this man, he must generate at least $100 million annually to maintain his lifestyle.

According to his neighbours, he does not pay child support but spends more than 3 million dollars on his kids annually.

Cars collection

Nick Cannon owns a fantastic car collection to maintain his lifestyle. He has almost seven cars in his Garage. His car collection is no less than any celebrity car collection. He owns luxurious cars like Rolls Royce, Ferrari California, Ferrari 599, Toyota Tundra, Mercedes Benz, and Lamborghini; the net value of these car collections is around 2 million dollars.

Recently, he gave his grandfather a jaw-dropping gift of a Rolls Royce Phantom with a price tag of 500,000 dollars.

Luxury fashion

Nick Cannon adopts a Fashion of royalty. It’s not less than any king or prince that this man adopted. You will be shocked that he uses diamonds on his shoes to show his fashion craze. He wears shoes with a net worth of millions adorned with 340-carat diamonds and stole the show when he wore these sneakers in America’s Got Talent.

This man owns some of the most expensive shoes in the world, including “CUSTOM GUCCI AIR MAXES” and many more. He is using diamond-like expensive things on his feet to show his love for fashion, which is so strange.

Nick Cannon Business Ventures

Nick Cannon is the man who has to generate 100 million dollars annually to maintain his lifestyle. So how can he make this happen to meet their needs? He is handling a lot of projects to maintain his lifestyle.

Host and Producer of different TV shows

Wild n Out is one of his freestyle comedy shows created in 2005. He has generated a lot of money from this show. This show gave him the best reorganization amongst the audience. He boosted his net worth so much from this show. He performs this show as both producer and Host.

Hosted series America’s Got Talent

Nick Cannon earns a lot of money to host a giant show like America’s Got Talent, where he performs his excellent effort to work for this show for at least seven seasons.

Nick Cannon starred in Movies

Nick Cannon also performed amazingly in his several movie projects, which “Man in black,” “Drumline,” and “Bobby” are some of his best movies of all time.

Owns a Radio Show

Nick Cannon also owns his radio show and podcast, from which he earns enough money to double his net worth. He is a producer of this show and does a good hosting job.

Investment in different companies

He is also involved in entertainment. He has invested much money in companies like INCREDIBLE” and headphones created by “Monster Cable.”

What is Nick Cannon’s family net worth?

If we discuss the net worth of Nick Cannon’s family, his father was James Cannon, a televisionist and a millionaire with a net worth of 8 million dollars. Nick Cannon made his net worth with effort and hard work but did not inherit his father’s net worth.

If we are discussing the net worth of the Cannon family, how can we forget about his ex-wife Mariah Carey? She is a famous American singer with an estimated 320 million dollars. This huge net worth made her appear on the list of wealthiest celebrities. She made a record as the best-selling music artist to sell more than 200 million units of albums during her career.

Nick Cannon Endorsements

Nick Cannon is on a list of prominent celebrities. So many companies and brands expect to have a celebrity like him to work for their endorsement. Many multinational and international companies hire him for their brand endorsement.

Nick Cannon worked as a brand ambassador for international Companies like “Boost Mobiles”, “Express Smile Atlanta” and “Honda Civic.” He also works for different charity organizations.

Nick Cannon’s charity work

Nick Cannon works for many charity organizations and has done many good deeds for this work. As everybody knows, Nick Cannon is a multi-talented superstar and has been doing his hard work in Hollywood since his teenage years.

With the help of this popularity and grace, he created many charity organizations to help needy people and invested a lot of his money in serving them. We can use “A Place Called Home” as an example. He supports a vast amount of his money in charity to help homeless people and to provide them with living areas, food, and security.

Scandals and controversies of nick cannon

Nick Cannon faced so much controversy for his personal life scandal. He was involved in different affairs in his life. He has 13 kids from five other women. He is spending almost 3 million dollars on his kids annually. According to some resources, he spent more than 100 million dollars to maintain his lifestyle.

People are surprised to see how anyone can simultaneously afford five women and 12 children. His personal life creates so much controversy for him. He has thoroughly enjoyed his life despite so many controversies, divorce, and other personal issues. But he never feels depressed and continues to gain his net worth to expand his career.

On 14 July 2020, he faced some issues with his racist remarks during his episode of “Cannon class” with Professor Griff. Lately, he was fired from this show based on this controversy.

Nick Cannon endorsed some conspiracy theory that Jewish control of finance stole the identity of black people as “True Hebrews”. These statements caused big troubles and were a source of criticism for him during his career.

Award and nomination

Nick Cannon has been nominated for many Film Fare awards and has won different awards for his mind-blowing performances. He has been nominated for many film fair awards like Best Breakthrough Performance in “Drumline” and Best Ensemble in “Roll Bounce.”

He was also nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough male performance in movies like “Drumline. He was also nominated based on his acting skills in movies like “Bobby”.

Nick Cannon won the Hollywood Film Festival award as an Ensemble of the Year for the movie “Bobby.” He also won the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favorite Television Actor in “The Nick Cannon”. 

Social Media Accounts

Nick Cannon is also active on different social media accounts like other celebrities. He is continuously using different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

On Instagram, he has an account with the name “@nickcannon.”

On Twitter, he is also activated with the name “@NickCannon.”

He has also started on Facebook with millions of fans. 


Nick Cannon is a multi-talented superstar. He works as an actor, producer, host, musician, rapper and businessman. Like his talents, he is also a blender of affairs, running his big family with almost five women and thirteen kids. He is spending more than 3 million dollars on his kids yearly. He needs to generate 100 million dollars annually to maintain his lifestyle.

Like any other famous Superstars, he has faced criticism for his acts and personal matters, but he ignored them and continued to gain his net worth and expand his career. If we talk about his lifestyle, he just wants to have royalty.

More articles can be written about him in the future because he is only 43 years old. He would perform, earn, and get new controversies to run his life. He may have contemporary affairs and kids. So, writers would have more opportunities to write more about him.