15 Best Yes movies Alternatives For Streaming Movies


Yesmovies is a free website allowing you to watch online movies. All online movie watchers are familiar with this name due to its good reasons. It allows you to watch movies without any registration or paying. It was released in 2016 and attained popularity due to its great feature. It is user-friendly, has an extensive library of movies and television series, and is a top streaming website. This website is the heart of movie lovers. In this article, you explore the great features of this website and also learn about the alternatives of this website.

What Is Yesmovies?

Yesmovies is the most accessible platform to watch the best old and new movies. Users visiting the homepage will find a wide range of HD movies and their uses on a simple click base. It also has the option to watch movies with top notch quality . This site uploads recent Bollywood, Hollywood and Telugu movies. Most online watchers interact with this website. There are thousands of movies available on this site with HD quality.

Features of this website

There are following features of this website are given below:

Easily identifiable

Yes, in an extremely large way. The user interface of the movie site is straightforward, and it only requires opening the site, finding the TV show or movie, and watching it at the cross to complete the process. You can watch this whenever you want, even while driving, traveling, or on boring weekends.

Different genres

Different genres are available on this site. All ages of people enjoy this website due to its great features. With more than 25 different types or categories of television shows, you’ll have difficulty stopping yourself from watching every time you open a certain film’s apk. This platform serves people of all ages with a variety of content. When you have this on your phone, it ensures that you will have the most fun ever.

Such a huge type of filters

You could easily narrow down your search based on your tastes. With so many alternatives available, it was certain that you would discover the movies or television shows you were looking for. Additionally, you might be free to choose which movies, TV shows, or other types of content you want to watch. Along these lines, you can choose genres based on your preferences and desires. To reduce your search time, you can choose the content according to the USA and online according to the year of release.

Gain access to international content.

In the Yes movies Site, you can find content from all over the world that you can play simultaneously from your mobile device. You can access every HD-quality stuff worldwide without paying a dime.

Multiple Platform Assist

You have the option of downloading these from their website to your computer if you become weary of seeing this website on your phone.

Watch the most recent movies and television shows with yes movies. If you have a specific film on your laptop or mobile device, you may easily watch the most recent episodes and movies on this website. Watch any television program or movie, regardless of how recent or classic it is, if it concerns your interest.

Free streaming

Don’t waste your time and money on a fake costly website when you get top-notch content on Yes movies. Watching your favorite movies and videos on this popular site.

How to access this platform?

There are different methods given below for access to Yes movies.

Method For Mobile Phones

  • First of all, you require a VPN to change your location. Use one of the VPN applications available for Androids.
  • After installing the VPN application, pick up the location. And then Check the IP address.
  • If the IP address changes, you must search on yes movies for all types of content.

Methods For Desktop

  • First, if you are a desktop user, install a Chrome browser if it is not present. First, you install a VPN application on a mobile, but the method is different on a desktop. Firstly you install a VPN extension.
  • You also utilize the TunnelBar.
  • You select the United States location when you install VPN. This VPN is easy to use and does not require registration.
  • After connecting to the new IP, visit the website and enjoy your favorite content.

Download movies from Yes movies and alternatives.

Most sites that compete with Yes Movies let you watch movies online without the ability to download them. If you want to watch movies offline in this situation, you will need the assistance of third-party video downloaders. From more than 1000 websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Yes Movies, and other well-known video streaming sites, Clever Get Video Downloader can download movies, TV shows, and live-streaming videos.

Movies in 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even 8K UHD with 320 Kbps audio quality can be downloaded using CleverGet. The user-friendly interface and advanced analysis technology make downloading movies considerably simpler. Follow the steps below to download movies from Yes Movies and its rivals.

Download Clever Get Video Downloader

First of all, you download or install the clever Get video downloader.

Set Output Directory

You should set the output directory to save the downloaded files before you begin downloading your favorite movies. To access the detailed options panel, click the three dots icon, followed by “Settings.” You can select a file folder to save the downloaded movies by going to the “Save Video To” box. Finally, don’t forget to press the “Save” button.

Download the target movie from the Yes movies.

Enter the URL of the selected movie in the address bar by copying and pasting it, then press Enter on your keyboard. CleverGet will automatically analyze it to find the download sources that are accessible. The Download panel lists all available movies in various sizes, formats, and resolutions. To download movies from this website and other sites like YesMovies, select one or more download choices and click Download.

Check The Downloading Process

You can check the status of the Download after it begins, stop it, or finish it. Once the downloading procedure is finished, you can verify the files under the Video tab. To play the movie, double-click the downloaded file.

Why Should You Choose Yes Movies For Streaming?

On this site, having an option to watch anime movies is very advantageous. Yesmovies allow some other streaming services, allowing you to stream without registration.

Extensive content library

This website has an extensive library. This website has many movies and television series, and this network provides the most popular content.

HD Quality streaming

Most of the current movies are present in top-notch quality on this site, often 720p to 1080p.

Latest Release

The site updates the most recent release.

Multiple genres

This site has multiple genres of over 25 categories, including mystery, family, animation, crime, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, romance, etc.

How to register on yes movies?

When using this site, there is no need to sign up or register, and you only need to click to start watching movies on the platform, which is free to use.

Why are Yes movies not working properly?

Search through thousands of movies to find ones you can watch for free in high quality! However, there are times when the Yes Movies won’t function properly. Because of occasional server crashes brought on by high demand, you won’t be able to access the website.

Best sites like Yesmovies

The top alternatives of yes movies are given below:


Users must use the PutLocker platform  if they want to watch various quality movies. You may view movies and TV shows on this platform with the best quality. Another advantage of using PutLocker is that registration is not necessary.

The way the movies are arranged makes it simple to access them. Movies can be found using the A-Z list, IMDB rating, and genre filters. Additionally, a search bar will be visible, eliminating the need to browse the list or collection to find movies.

There are many movies in HD quality accessible in every genre on PutLocker. It is simple to use this site, and no subscription pack is needed.


A comprehensive internet platform called 5Movies offers access to movies, TV shows, cartoons, and Asian dramas. With the help of a filter feature, the website will only present you with the kinds of videos you enjoy. Finding the movies you enjoy watching will be simpler if you categorize them based on the nation or different genre.

The page has numerous streaming links, so try the others if one doesn’t work. There are no false links on 5Movies, which features an intuitive interface and is well-organized.

You will have free access to the most recent stuff because the website constantly updates what is already there. As it is a free platform, there are some pop ups and advertisements; however, you can skip them to continue watching.


Solarmovies is user-friendly and has a selection of movies and TV shows. It is a well-liked substitute for Yes Movies. If other movie streaming websites aren’t available in your country, you should use SolarMovie.

Due to its straightforward design, users start watching movies and TV series on the online movie platform without purchasing a membership or registration. You can watch movies without downloading them if that’s what you want.


If Yes Movies is unavailable, you can watch movies on CMovies. Since the platform allows you to watch movies on the go, there is no need to register or sign up.

The webpage has a search bar and offers a variety of movie suggestions so you can easily discover the popular shows or films that others in your area are watching. Additionally, you can filter films based on their IMDB ratings and reviews.

The website offers a straightforward user experience and no deceptive links or other options that can expose you to scammers.


Choose MyFlixer if you need a website like Yes Movies for watching movies online. There is nothing to worry about because the platform’s layout is simple. You can filter the platform’s vast selection of movies and TV shows based on your preferences.

The website’s user-friendly layout allows for on-the-go movie and television show searchers. Only a few pop ups and advertisements will be present when watching movies online, so they are not annoying.


Regarding functionality and user interface, Vumoo might be slightly different from Yes Movies. Once you start using some of its features, the site is simple. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows in high definition online without having to register, which saves you a lot of time. In addition, Vumoo has fewer advertisements than other Yes Movies rivals, allowing you to view movies uninterrupted.

You can select HD quality to stream the best quality of content. The main drawback to using Vumoo is the lack of a filter function, which prevents you from sorting movies or TV shows by genre. You must utilize the search bar to find the content you want to watch.


You may now view movies and TV shows on Primewire again after it was inaccessible for a few months. You will receive movie suggestions on the homepage, and the platform experience is the same. Additionally, you will learn more about the TV show’s availability and schedule.

Prime Wire’s best feature is making a playlist to watch your favorite films and television shows. You can shortlist movies based on the genre and highest ratings using a range of filters that are accessible.

You can look for the most popular movies while on the go, thanks to the site’s availability of information regarding movie ratings.


A website called Losmovies provides free movie and television show streaming. There are recent releases, vintage shows, and older movies, and no registration or credit card details are required. The layout is simple, with options for movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., at the top.

The website contains advertisements, and however, they don’t obstruct browsing. Because one can watch full films or series uninterrupted, it’s a perfect option for watching too much on a lazy weekend morning. One of its best advantages is that Losmovies offers subtitles in several languages.


A website called streamlord offers free online movie streaming, but it’s not accessible everywhere. Fortunately, users can choose from a range of top-notch alternatives to Streamlord. On the website Streamlord, users can access free full-episode streaming for both movies and television shows. Customers who use the service can easily view movies and television shows online, and there is a large selection of both on the website.

Watching movies and television shows is the most effective way to pass the time, and this media is accessible to everyone. Since the first motion picture opened in theaters, the public’s desire to watch has not decreased, but the medium through which they do so has experienced a tremendous shift.


It is the best platform where you can download and watch free movies. The site has a huge selection of films and TV programs, and this website provides movie lovers with traditional ways of watching. Due to its dependable and practical services, the website has been operational for over ten years and is gaining popularity. Users can stream movies to their mobile devices, or watch them online.

You may watch a huge selection of movies and TV shows on Jilo Virals, and activity is humming in its database. The website offers many movies, including comedies, scary movies, and action movies. Nearly all movies are available on the website. Choosing a movie is also simple because categories here sort the movies. It also provides a big collection of free comics that may be downloaded or printed.

Its main goal is to control the entire streaming sector. Recently, though, as new rivals emerged, they had to deal with people. After preparing, they used this website to implement their long-term plans.

To control the world is Jilo Virals’ main objective. They weren’t currently facing anyone, though. They had been planning for a while and were now putting their long-term plans into action using Jilo Virals.


If you are looking for a great website, this is one of the best of your choices. This site has top-notch quality with fast streaming speed, and it is a unique platform for its good audio and visual quality. You can get free movies on this platform, and no registration or subscription is required. You can choose the season and episode of the series you want to watch. After seeing a movie, viewers can comment on it or read other people’s reviews to share their opinions.

The best thing about this website is that you don’t need to provide any personal information to utilize it. Without having to register an account, you may instantly stream any movie. The website has a mobile app, but I haven’t heard any good things about it. The user interface is simple to use and attractive. There aren’t many annoying commercials to be found here. The website appears simple to use, and its content loads quickly.

To watch a film on this site, visit the home page and type a title and your search item in front of you. If you want to download movies, you can click the downloading button and download the movie. Choose a file type that best suits your needs, such as MP3 or MP4. These are two excellent choices for watching movies on mobile devices.

tubi tv

Tubi tv offers legal content. Many movies, titles, and drama series are found on this site. You can find all your entertainment needs without having any registration. Several different devices are compatible with the Tubi TV app. Tubi TV com supports every device you can imagine, including Roku, iOS, Android, Fire TV, PS4, Xbox, and any other one you can imagine.

The site is safe to use, and privacy is unaffected. The TV series and movies on Tubi are all authorized. While watching Tubi TV videos, advertisements might be displayed. However, there aren’t many of these ads, and once the replay begins, they disappear.

There are lots of genre subcategories to pick from. Popular content can also be found by selecting options like “just added,” “featured,” and “most popular.” Download the Tubi app on your preferred device to satiate your appetite, and prepare to be amazed by all the incredible possibilities.


No matter where you are, YoMovies is a movie streaming service that enables you to view your preferred films and TV series for free. It is accessible on all platforms and simple to use, making it the ideal option, whether at home or on the move. Additionally, they welcome any user feedback, given that the site is still in beta testing, so they can keep improving.

Nowadays, numerous websites let you watch movies online, but few can match YoMovies’ quantity and quality of content selection. Users of this website can view an incredible collection of international films and TV episodes for free.

You may start viewing your favorite movies and television shows without registering or downloading anything. The website is a terrific option for people who wish to watch television in various languages because it also includes subtitles in many different languages. YoMovies has something for everyone, whether in Hong Kong or New York!


It would be fantastic to watch movies online on XMovies8 if any of the sites mentioned above are down. You may access a variety of TV series, TV shows, and movies on the platform for free without having to join up or register.

Subtitles are another feature that makes XMovies8 a superior choice over Yes Movies. Consequently, you can also watch films in various other languages. You won’t have any problems using the UI because it is simple, just like other online streaming platforms.

When you click on the link and open XMovies8 without logging in or registering, you may access an impressive library of films, TV shows, and other media.

Because it has a subtitle feature, XMovies8 is a great substitute for Yes Movies. This function is useful if you wish to watch movies in a language other than your own or prefer subtitles.

Since XMovies8 is a free service, you may occasionally encounter popup advertisements and other interruptions, as with most other free services.


Fmovies is a website where you can watch movies and TV episodes for free in Full HD. There is no doubt that a ton of high-quality and diversified content is available, even though all of the movies featured on Fmovies are uploaded illegally. Surprisingly, the majority of movies are copyrighted content rather than spam.

Not everyone likes seeing recently released movies in a theater, and not everyone wants to spend any money on a platform membership. In such a case, individuals hunt for those internet streaming services that do not charge a fee for viewing films but offer recently released films or series.

One of the better examples of these apps or platforms is FMovies. It provides its customers with a wide selection of movies, and the platform’s movie categories are user-friendly. The problem is that watching copyrighted movies on FMovies is against the law. The film industry loses a ton of money yearly because of apps like FMovies. Fans don’t care since they want access to newly released free movies on their laptops or mobile devices to watch at home.


So now you are aware of the top free streaming alternatives to YesMovies. After extensive testing, they were chosen for this guide, so whichever platform you choose will be of the highest caliber. Plenty of favorite movies and TV shows can be found in these substitutes.

But don’t click on any popups or advertisements, as they might damage your device. Before streaming from free websites, protect your device with a strong VPN and anti-malware.


Is yesmovies app available for android users and iOS?

No, the app is not available in google play store.

Is yes movies legal to use?

Not completely. Suggesting Yes Movies hosts any content would be inaccurate because it isn’t technically banned. However, asserting that it is entirely legal is unquestionably dubious. In certain countries, it could be forbidden. Please refrain from using Yes movies if it is prohibited in your nation.

How do I avoid ads and popups during streaming?

Pop Ups and advertisements can seldom ever be removed from the content. You can see the advertising because they have been incorporated into the videos, even if you use an ad blocker. It would be best to view advertisements because most of these platforms are free.

Which is the real Yesmovies site?

You may have discovered that numerous websites use the subdomain yes movies, making determining which one is legitimate challenging. Several Yes Movies proxy and mirror sites, such as yes movies  To, yes, movies ag, yesmovies org, and yesmovies net, are legitimate.

Is the website safe?

The availability of pirated and illegally distributed movies on this site increases your computer’s risk of virus infection. It would help to use reputable anti-virus software or VPNs to secure your device and privacy before watching movies on this site.

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